Sunday, January 6

Christmas Eve

I found a ton of pictures from Christmas eve, so decided to just do a whole post about it.

Christmas Eve morning, i went running with my dad. It was so much fun! When we started running, it had barely stopped raining, so it was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold! The moment we got back, it turned into a blizzard. Craziness! (Sadly, this was the only run we did together outside because after  christmas there was wayyyy too much smog and it was way too cold to be outside! Like 4 degrees cold. Brrrrr.)

Here we are. My dad looks super sketchy. But at least he was warm!

View from outside when the blizzard had just started. So much fun! I love a good snow storm!

Pics in the beautiful snow!!

Before we headed out to shop.

 Every year, since the beginning of time, my dad has taken my sister and me to shop on Christmas eve. It's turned into our little tradition, and always includes getting dad's last minute gift for mother.
Since I've gotten married, we have realized that Devin's family has the same tradition! We are quite the last minute shoppers. The last couple of years we always somehow seem to meet up at the mall. It actually turns into a big social fest and isn't very productive. But that's what makes it fun, right?

Big happy fam!

The original christmas eve shopping crew (plus devin)

Devin's dad even comes up from LA to do his shopping on christmas eve!

And of course we went to cafe rio. Had to throw this picture in here! 

What did you do for christmas eve?
Anyone else a last minute shopper? or have the same tradition?

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