Sunday, January 13

football week

We've had quite the football week! 
On Monday night, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a football game... and i can't even remember what game it was. All I paid attention to was the deliciousness of the wings I was eating. For some reason i've been on this wing kick for a few months... super random. So buffalo wild wings is the perfect place for us! Devin loves sports and i love wings.

This weekend we have been babysitting a doberman named Moka. She is sooo scary!! Pretty sure she could eat me.

Isn't denver such a pretty city??

yesterday, we went to the Bronco's game! It was our first pro game that we have ever been to and it was so much fun! I love living in a city where there is a pro football team. There was a ton of energy in the stadium and so many die hard fans. I'm really bummed that they lost. They have had such a good season and totally should have won!

I've never been so cold in my life. They posted the temperature on the screen at half time and it had already gotten down to 7 degrees with a wind chill of -1!! It was so bitterly cold I can't even explain it. And the game was super long and went into double overtime. If only we would have won!

Now we're just enjoying a wonderful, lazy sunday watching the golden globes and eating jelly bellies and drinking diet pepsi. 

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