Saturday, February 23

a confession and a basketball game

Thursday night our friends gave us tickets to go watch CU play the University of Utah up in Boulder!
It was such a fun game and I'm really glad we went.

Confession: I cheered for the Utes.
It was just so fun to see a familiar team and i just didn't really feel like cheering for colorado! It's fine though, cuz the Utes lost anyway.. ha! (don't worry. i'm still an avid cougar fan)

My favorite part was at half time when these old ladies came out and danced to gagnam style, call me maybe, and mr sandman. It was pretty hilarious and everyone loved them. Old ladies are the best!

Monday, February 18

V-day week.

Oh Valentines Day how i love you! Always have, always will. Ever since my mom would throw my friends and me special pink valentines breakfasts before school, i've loved it. French hot cocoa... and cute valentines gifts. She's the best.

Anyway... this year, Devin sent me some gorgeous flowers. Luckily ESPN had a special promo code he heard about, so I got double the flowers! Thanks ESPN! I owe ya one.

Valentines night, we went to Cheesecake Factory downtown. It was delicious as always, and we sat down immediately. I was shocked! Cheesecake Factory at 6 pm on Valentines Day? Totally lucked out!

Recently we have been babysitting for a lot of families in our ward. It's so fun--especially when we get to watch cute kids like this little guy. He loves Devin. This baby's sister on the other hand, did not love Devin very much and was scared of him so naturally, she hid in her room the whole time and ended up falling asleep at 6. whoops!

Saturday we went on a nice walk through the parks nearby. We had fun on this merry go round and Devin made fun of me for wearing my gigantic winter coat in 50 degree weather. 

Saturday night we went to Cafe Rio and then to the mall. So much fun, but i'm not totally impressed with the Cafe rio here. The poor workers had no idea what they were doing and kept messing everything up. We ended up getting a free meal even though we didn't have our card full ? It made me miss the Rio's in Utah.

And sunday I gave a talk in church that was 20 minutes long! That is soooo long, but I'm so proud that i did it and it wasn't even that scary--even though I had a panic attack in the car on the way over and couldn't breathe. Poor Devin thinks i'm totally nuts.

Sunday, February 10

2 more Colorado adventures

 This weekend we went on a few adventures.
Adventure #1 was going downtown to eat at a restaurant we had never been to before. This is really easy to do in denver because there are so many unique restaurants. So we found a fun brewery called Wynkoop Brewery. It had a busy and energetic atmosphere and was quite delicious too. Devin ordered the buttermilk deep fried chicken-it's crazy that food like that doesn't make him put on weight. ha!

Adventure #2 was on Saturday. We decided to drive to Colorado Springs to do some exploring! I love it down there! It's really close to the mountains and has more of a small town feel. 
We went to the Air Force Academy and went to the visitors center and the chapel.

This is the Cadet Chapel in the back ground. It's so pretty!

We went inside and looked around. A lady told us some of the symbolism which was really interesting. It's so pretty and I love the design.

After that we went to the Garden of the Gods which is also in CO Springs. It's this really pretty area with all these crazy cool red rock formations. It was really fun but crazy windy! So we basically stayed in the car and drove around. Then we went and found a pizza place in the city.

Such a fun weekend!
And today was spent taking naps--mummy style. This is how devin tucked me in for my nap. 

And now it's time for the grammy's! So excited to hear Adele sing sky fall- my fave!

(correction post grammy's)
ummm so turns out i have bad listening skills and heard that adele was singing tonight...That was false.  So i watched 3.5 hours (which i don't regret) waiting for her to sing... and it didn't happen... Because she's performing at the Oscars. Duh!

Wednesday, February 6

my best discovery

Over the last few months I have really missed having hair extensions.  
So I was really really happy when I was reading the blog: barefoot blonde one day and she did a post about the extensions that she uses. They are clip in extensions from Sally Beauty Supply and they are amazing! and are such a good price compared to getting them put in at a hair salon every couple of months. I've been so happy with them and I just had to share my excitement.

Here they are-making my hair so nice and thick. love it. and i love how easy they are to put in!

this is how devin finds me each night: pulling out my fake hair and brushing it. totally normal.

tonight we had family face time. My parents were at their house, with their two cell phones, talking to me and dev at our apartment, and ash and brad at their apartment. (did that make sense?)  Every so often they would face the phones to each other so we could see ash and brad. Totally hilarious. Love it.

Tuesday, February 5


For some reason my computer won't let me upload any pictures except the one above. Weird.
But I wanted to share my flowers anyway! Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so in love with them and they are the perfect colors for February! Thanks mom and dad :)

This morning, the UPS man woke me up at 10:30. I know. Way late. But I haven't been feeling well for a week and so I tried to get some extra sleep. Mission accomplished don't ya think? 
I ran to the door with my hair completely nuts, glasses on, pj's, drool running down my face. I opened the door and the UPS guy was like, "Well good morning!" I felt so guilty and like a bum and like I needed to defend myself to this stranger and so I was like, "I'm not feeling well today..." 
It was really awkward.

Anyway. I finally made it to the gym today. It's been a week and it felt soooo good to finally run. Loved those 3 miles.

Now i'm just watching the bachelor as my phone rings off the hook.
I have been called in the last hour to babysit for 3 different people in the ward tomorrow and to go to lunch with 1. Suddenly i have friends here?

Monday, February 4


For one of Devin's christmas presents this year, I made him a video of our europe trip.

europe trip from Stephanie Rigg on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 3

girls weekend

This weekend, Stefi and L flew in for a weekend in Denver!
L got in Friday morning and we spent the day in Boulder observing a bunch of crazy people at Pearl Street Mall. It was a little scary when some homeless men started yelling at us and saying we were hot.... I told L that I was trying to introduce her to a new culture and give her a unique experience...

Friday night, Stefi arrived and we went to pick her up.
Then we made a stop at Sonic for diet coke and acorn dog and just chatted the rest of the night. So fun!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to my favorite Denver breakfast joint: Snooze. Luckily I have very patient friends that didn't mind the hour and a half wait. It was definitely worth it though.

Then we went shopping at Cherry Creek Mall where stefi introduced us to all of her great make up secrets and we bought matching shirts (like we're still in elementary).

We took a break from shopping to rest and then went to Chipotle for dinner. and Cold stone for dessert!

We watched a movie and went to the grocery store for donettes and cough drops. And L explained the benefits of owning a swiffer. We get a little crazy when it is late at night.

It was such a fun weekend and I was so sad to take them to the airport today! It's always fun having visitors in Denver. Love you girls!