Sunday, February 10

2 more Colorado adventures

 This weekend we went on a few adventures.
Adventure #1 was going downtown to eat at a restaurant we had never been to before. This is really easy to do in denver because there are so many unique restaurants. So we found a fun brewery called Wynkoop Brewery. It had a busy and energetic atmosphere and was quite delicious too. Devin ordered the buttermilk deep fried chicken-it's crazy that food like that doesn't make him put on weight. ha!

Adventure #2 was on Saturday. We decided to drive to Colorado Springs to do some exploring! I love it down there! It's really close to the mountains and has more of a small town feel. 
We went to the Air Force Academy and went to the visitors center and the chapel.

This is the Cadet Chapel in the back ground. It's so pretty!

We went inside and looked around. A lady told us some of the symbolism which was really interesting. It's so pretty and I love the design.

After that we went to the Garden of the Gods which is also in CO Springs. It's this really pretty area with all these crazy cool red rock formations. It was really fun but crazy windy! So we basically stayed in the car and drove around. Then we went and found a pizza place in the city.

Such a fun weekend!
And today was spent taking naps--mummy style. This is how devin tucked me in for my nap. 

And now it's time for the grammy's! So excited to hear Adele sing sky fall- my fave!

(correction post grammy's)
ummm so turns out i have bad listening skills and heard that adele was singing tonight...That was false.  So i watched 3.5 hours (which i don't regret) waiting for her to sing... and it didn't happen... Because she's performing at the Oscars. Duh!

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