Tuesday, February 5


For some reason my computer won't let me upload any pictures except the one above. Weird.
But I wanted to share my flowers anyway! Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so in love with them and they are the perfect colors for February! Thanks mom and dad :)

This morning, the UPS man woke me up at 10:30. I know. Way late. But I haven't been feeling well for a week and so I tried to get some extra sleep. Mission accomplished don't ya think? 
I ran to the door with my hair completely nuts, glasses on, pj's, drool running down my face. I opened the door and the UPS guy was like, "Well good morning!" I felt so guilty and like a bum and like I needed to defend myself to this stranger and so I was like, "I'm not feeling well today..." 
It was really awkward.

Anyway. I finally made it to the gym today. It's been a week and it felt soooo good to finally run. Loved those 3 miles.

Now i'm just watching the bachelor as my phone rings off the hook.
I have been called in the last hour to babysit for 3 different people in the ward tomorrow and to go to lunch with 1. Suddenly i have friends here? Life.is.nuts.

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  1. cant say that I have received any flowers... tevs. I love that you have friends!! I knew you could do it. Luckily you are pretty. People like pretty people.


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