Wednesday, February 6

my best discovery

Over the last few months I have really missed having hair extensions.  
So I was really really happy when I was reading the blog: barefoot blonde one day and she did a post about the extensions that she uses. They are clip in extensions from Sally Beauty Supply and they are amazing! and are such a good price compared to getting them put in at a hair salon every couple of months. I've been so happy with them and I just had to share my excitement.

Here they are-making my hair so nice and thick. love it. and i love how easy they are to put in!

this is how devin finds me each night: pulling out my fake hair and brushing it. totally normal.

tonight we had family face time. My parents were at their house, with their two cell phones, talking to me and dev at our apartment, and ash and brad at their apartment. (did that make sense?)  Every so often they would face the phones to each other so we could see ash and brad. Totally hilarious. Love it.


  1. your parents are the best. i need to get in on the facetimes.. your maybe we can do a google hangout!

  2. i would never have known...they look great!! how much are they?

    1. thanks! they're $100. But totally worth it cuz they give you tons of hair. (i only use half of it at one time). Huge price difference compared to getting them at a salon.


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