Tuesday, March 26

utah trip

Thank you soooo much to everyone who commented on the last post. (or text me...or messaged me on f book) It really means a lot to me! And i'm doing much better and feeling more like myself with each day. So thank you!


Time to catch up with what we've been up to!

A week and a half ago we went to Salt Lake for a really really quick trip. We left friday night, and came back sunday night. Basically i blinked and it was over.

Some air port pictures...

Saturday morning I got up early to go running with my dad and my cousin Melanie!
It was so much fun and luckily they went really easy on me and we only did around 3 miles or so. 
It was the perfect morning and the perfect company!
and for some reason I decided to do a stretching pose for this picture.

After the run, we had a shower for my other cousin, who is getting married in May!
It was really fun to get together with family and throw her a fun shower. I had goosebumps when she got a kitchen aid from our aunt! She really scored on that one!
My mom did such an amazing job and I was in love with the table. Isn't it cute?

Here's our fun group!

Cousin Alexis :)

My dad was kind enough to help us with our taxes...
There is nothing I hate more in this world than...1. the DMV 2. the emergency room 3. filing taxes.
It was 0 % fun (can you tell by my face?) and took so long!
So happy it's over. But, thanks for helping us, dad :)

That night we took these crazy kids to Cafe Rio! Nothing completes a utah trip more than going to Rio on 33rd.

cafe rio lovers.

The next day my mom gave us the best birthday party! Since we will be away for our birthdays we had a little get together with the family. and it was so much fun! My mom gives the best parties!
Look at this table! (and take note that this was the day after the bridal shower that she threw for my cousin).

It was St. Patrick's day and my dad wasn't wearing green, so he put some of the salad in his shirt. Totally normal.

The four of us :)

Our cute friend Jenna and her husband Rusty came too! They're basically members of our family anyway.

The guests of honor.

And a group shot!

'Til next time, Utah!

xoxo steph

Friday, March 22

i think i deserve a medal.

Today I'm really proud of myself.
I got out of bed before noon...
I've been having a really hard time since i had a miscarriage a week ago :(
Like a really hard time.
I had no idea how painful it would be- both emotionally and physically.
and how awful it would be to feel so depressed.
I have a new appreciation and admiration for those who have had to go through worse than I have.
You people rock.

Luckily I have the best husband in the world who has been so understanding and loving.
I also have the best parents who drove out here when they heard.
and brought me some early birthday presents. we all know that presents help ;)
I have the best of friends/cousins who have made sure that I'm okay
...the cards...texts...diet cokes... chocolate... i loved it all.

So today was a big deal. I woke up at 8:30 and didn't go back to sleep. I feel like I should get a medal or somethin.
I actually got up and ran 5 miles which was a huge boost to my spirit!
It's crazy what a few endorphins will do to your hijacked-by-hormones body.

Anyway... I don't want to be too depressing here, but it helps me to write about it.
My blog has always been too happy anyway... right? ;)

xoxo steph.

Wednesday, March 13


Saturday morning we were just laying in bed looking at instagram, email, etc. when our doorbell rang.
I peeked out of our bedroom window but all i could see were feet-- uggs to be exact. (so i knew it must be a girl, and therefore i wasn't as embarrassed to answer in my pajamas.)
I went to the door and there on our doorstep were my parents!!
I was so surprised!! i love surprises :)

They drove all night from Salt Lake to Denver to surprise us. They're the best ever!

We had a pretty busy saturday. We went to breakfast at Udi's and then we took them house shopping with us so we could have their expert opinions. They happened to be here for a snowstorm so it was really cold and windy and the snow was basically going sideways. It was crazy!

At that point, my dad was pretty tired. So we hung out for a few minutes at our apartment on the cozy rug.

Then we drove down to our favorite mall: Park Meadows. And shopped around a bit and got me some new running clothes that I'm in love with!

wait for it...

there we go... (love those self timer photos.)

After the mall, we went to BJ's Pizza for the best pizza ever!

The next morning, we went to Snooze for the best breakfast in town. Luckily there was only a 30 minute wait, which is actually quite quick for this place!

My mom loved this place. Like I said, the food is quite amazing. My dad became friends with the hostesses and so they brought us out a complimentary pancake to try. thanks dad!

Just look at my Vanilla Oatmeal Brulee! mmmmm... so amazing

It was such a fun weekend and I just love a good surprise! Thanks mom and dad for driving all of that way just to see us for 24 hours!

Thursday, March 7

my 5 faves

1. Driving Devin crazy! Whenever he's on the couch i tell him it's cuddle time and then i try to smother him. (he doesn't really like being touched so it's really funny)
This picture is a perfect example of him trying to hide. Poor guy- gets so much love and attention ;)

2. The weather.
It is incredible right now!
Yesterday and today it was in the 60's so I've been trying to take advantage and get outside a bit.
I went running yesterday with my running buddies and it felt so good to be in the sun!
I also wore my new running sleeves that I got for christmas (thanks mom and dad). I forgot to take a picture but they are the best! When you get too warm, you can just roll them down and you don't have to worry about carrying around an extra shirt or jacket. i love it!

3. Our balloon bet. 
We have a bet going on right now to see how long this balloon will stay afloat.
I'm betting Friday. and Devin said Thursday. But this thing is a champ! It isn't showing any signs of deflating. We have one rule: no sabotaging the balloon.

4. My cleaning schedule. This is the best! and it makes it so i don't have to clean on the weekends.
Basically I do one big task each day and then our apartment is always clean. Love it!

5. Cornstarch. For those days when you don't wash your hair and don't like the grease... Corn starch is the perfect and cheapest substitute for dry shampoo. i love it.

Monday, March 4

my project life

Today I want to talk about the amazingness of project life!

After I posted a pic on instagram, i've had some people ask me what project life is.
Well, it all started with some girls here in Denver that introduced me to it. and I'm hooked!
In a nutshell, it's a really easy way to keep track of your photos and to "scrapbook" as easy as possible.
We're talkin'-no cutting/gluing here. it's really fun and really easy, but it still turns out way cute.
The idea is that you make one page per week... but let's be honest... I don't have that many exciting things going on each week that I'm taking pictures of. So I've been doing it by month and that has been working for me.

There's this company that you can order all of the supplies from.
First you order the page protectors, which have different sized pockets where you just stick everything in.
Then, you can order a core kit or a mini kit. This contains all different sized paper that fits into the pockets. So in some pockets you can put pictures, and other pockets you can put paper. or both! On the paper that you put in the pockets, you can write a little paragraph about what was going on in the picture and all of that. So it makes it more personal.
Does that make sense?
If you need more clarification, go to beckyhiggins.com or just google: project life.

But here are some pictures to give you an idea!

 This is a core kit that I bought. It's the Olive Edition and probably has way more paper than I need, but i love the design.

Here are some of my examples. These are the pages that I did for our trip to San Diego in October. (by the way, i kind of cheat and use stickers... sometimes i just don't love my handwriting and so stickers get the job done.)

and this is one of the hunting pages i did. 

So that's project life in a nutshell! 

xoxo -steph

Sunday, March 3

the future MD

i have become so bad at blogging.
i'm blaming it on my computer and how it is out of memory which means that it becomes this huge hoop la if i just want to upload a couple of pictures and write one blog post. so i'm using Devin's computer at the moment.
needless to say, it has become a chore.

enough about me though.
let's talk about Devin! my future MD!

So Tuesday, Devin called me from work and said he had just gotten an email saying he had been accepted to the University of Colorado School of Medicine!!!! (he actually just said Colorado, but i wanted you all to see the full name of the school.)
Of course I started screaming and crying and laughing because that's just what i do. I literally was shaking because I was so excited!

Some of you probably don't know, but we've been waiting for this for quite some time now, which made it a trillion times more exciting.
 Devin was on the alternate list at Colorado last year, and so that is why we decided to move to Denver. Just in case he got in at the last minute. Or to just have a newly wed adventure if he didn't get it.
Well, the latter happened and we have been waiting a year to hear back.

It was definitely stressful, and we never really liked to talk about it because it was just such a let down. (notice how I never once mentioned it on this blog).
Our least favorite thing to do the past year was to go to our parent's wards and be asked over and over again, "So what school are you going to? What are you guys doing now?"
Well. Nothing, actually. Seriously it was just embarrassing and awkward and just something we didn't want to explain over and over again. (We understand that people are just trying to be nice and carry on a conversation, but we still didn't like it.)

Anyway, that's all over now. And our life is headed in the right direction!

Someone asked me this week,
"So what's the difference between this year and last year? Why do you think he got in now and not a year ago?"
Well that is an excellent question. and one that we wondered for over a year.
To be honest, there is no difference. Devin is perfectly qualified, just like he was last year.
I completely believe that he's just supposed to graduate with the class of 2017 and not the class of 2016.
We don't know why that's the case, but I just know that timing is everything. Luckily one year doesn't make a big difference (even though it felt like it while we were waiting.) And it actually was one of the best years because we have been able to spend so much time together and get used to living in a new city.

I'm so proud of my boy and that he is qualified to go to medical school. I've always been so impressed with him.
Go smart people!