Thursday, March 7

my 5 faves

1. Driving Devin crazy! Whenever he's on the couch i tell him it's cuddle time and then i try to smother him. (he doesn't really like being touched so it's really funny)
This picture is a perfect example of him trying to hide. Poor guy- gets so much love and attention ;)

2. The weather.
It is incredible right now!
Yesterday and today it was in the 60's so I've been trying to take advantage and get outside a bit.
I went running yesterday with my running buddies and it felt so good to be in the sun!
I also wore my new running sleeves that I got for christmas (thanks mom and dad). I forgot to take a picture but they are the best! When you get too warm, you can just roll them down and you don't have to worry about carrying around an extra shirt or jacket. i love it!

3. Our balloon bet. 
We have a bet going on right now to see how long this balloon will stay afloat.
I'm betting Friday. and Devin said Thursday. But this thing is a champ! It isn't showing any signs of deflating. We have one rule: no sabotaging the balloon.

4. My cleaning schedule. This is the best! and it makes it so i don't have to clean on the weekends.
Basically I do one big task each day and then our apartment is always clean. Love it!

5. Cornstarch. For those days when you don't wash your hair and don't like the grease... Corn starch is the perfect and cheapest substitute for dry shampoo. i love it.

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