Monday, March 4

my project life

Today I want to talk about the amazingness of project life!

After I posted a pic on instagram, i've had some people ask me what project life is.
Well, it all started with some girls here in Denver that introduced me to it. and I'm hooked!
In a nutshell, it's a really easy way to keep track of your photos and to "scrapbook" as easy as possible.
We're talkin'-no cutting/gluing here. it's really fun and really easy, but it still turns out way cute.
The idea is that you make one page per week... but let's be honest... I don't have that many exciting things going on each week that I'm taking pictures of. So I've been doing it by month and that has been working for me.

There's this company that you can order all of the supplies from.
First you order the page protectors, which have different sized pockets where you just stick everything in.
Then, you can order a core kit or a mini kit. This contains all different sized paper that fits into the pockets. So in some pockets you can put pictures, and other pockets you can put paper. or both! On the paper that you put in the pockets, you can write a little paragraph about what was going on in the picture and all of that. So it makes it more personal.
Does that make sense?
If you need more clarification, go to or just google: project life.

But here are some pictures to give you an idea!

 This is a core kit that I bought. It's the Olive Edition and probably has way more paper than I need, but i love the design.

Here are some of my examples. These are the pages that I did for our trip to San Diego in October. (by the way, i kind of cheat and use stickers... sometimes i just don't love my handwriting and so stickers get the job done.)

and this is one of the hunting pages i did. 

So that's project life in a nutshell! 

xoxo -steph


  1. I this idea! I found a tutorial for SmashBooking on trips, and it was so similar to Project Life. I am all over something that is easy, and manageable.

    the lowercase h

  2. So I've been looking into different forms of scrapbooking and remembered that you posted about this... so that's why I'm back in your blog archives commenting. My question for you is, did you buy the binder too? And what kind of material is it? I'm having a hard time telling from the pictures online whether it's a matte or gloss finish and whether or not I think it is durable enough. I'm definitely considering buying a core kit and some sheet protectors. The whole idea is genius.

    1. thank for your comment! I LOVE project life. It's so easy and looks so good! I bought a binder that I liked at target- but just made sure it was 12x12. The material of the cards is basically like notecards/flashcards you buy at a grocery store and a little bit thicker than scrapbook paper- So they're pretty durable and thick. And it is paper, so it doesn't have any gloss or anything like that. I'm so glad you commented because it reminded me that I need to catch up with the last couple of months :)


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