Wednesday, March 13


Saturday morning we were just laying in bed looking at instagram, email, etc. when our doorbell rang.
I peeked out of our bedroom window but all i could see were feet-- uggs to be exact. (so i knew it must be a girl, and therefore i wasn't as embarrassed to answer in my pajamas.)
I went to the door and there on our doorstep were my parents!!
I was so surprised!! i love surprises :)

They drove all night from Salt Lake to Denver to surprise us. They're the best ever!

We had a pretty busy saturday. We went to breakfast at Udi's and then we took them house shopping with us so we could have their expert opinions. They happened to be here for a snowstorm so it was really cold and windy and the snow was basically going sideways. It was crazy!

At that point, my dad was pretty tired. So we hung out for a few minutes at our apartment on the cozy rug.

Then we drove down to our favorite mall: Park Meadows. And shopped around a bit and got me some new running clothes that I'm in love with!

wait for it...

there we go... (love those self timer photos.)

After the mall, we went to BJ's Pizza for the best pizza ever!

The next morning, we went to Snooze for the best breakfast in town. Luckily there was only a 30 minute wait, which is actually quite quick for this place!

My mom loved this place. Like I said, the food is quite amazing. My dad became friends with the hostesses and so they brought us out a complimentary pancake to try. thanks dad!

Just look at my Vanilla Oatmeal Brulee! mmmmm... so amazing

It was such a fun weekend and I just love a good surprise! Thanks mom and dad for driving all of that way just to see us for 24 hours!

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  1. I love this!!!! I love your parents, they are the best. My mom did the same thing and I was in heaven!!! You look so great steph!


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