Sunday, March 3

the future MD

i have become so bad at blogging.
i'm blaming it on my computer and how it is out of memory which means that it becomes this huge hoop la if i just want to upload a couple of pictures and write one blog post. so i'm using Devin's computer at the moment.
needless to say, it has become a chore.

enough about me though.
let's talk about Devin! my future MD!

So Tuesday, Devin called me from work and said he had just gotten an email saying he had been accepted to the University of Colorado School of Medicine!!!! (he actually just said Colorado, but i wanted you all to see the full name of the school.)
Of course I started screaming and crying and laughing because that's just what i do. I literally was shaking because I was so excited!

Some of you probably don't know, but we've been waiting for this for quite some time now, which made it a trillion times more exciting.
 Devin was on the alternate list at Colorado last year, and so that is why we decided to move to Denver. Just in case he got in at the last minute. Or to just have a newly wed adventure if he didn't get it.
Well, the latter happened and we have been waiting a year to hear back.

It was definitely stressful, and we never really liked to talk about it because it was just such a let down. (notice how I never once mentioned it on this blog).
Our least favorite thing to do the past year was to go to our parent's wards and be asked over and over again, "So what school are you going to? What are you guys doing now?"
Well. Nothing, actually. Seriously it was just embarrassing and awkward and just something we didn't want to explain over and over again. (We understand that people are just trying to be nice and carry on a conversation, but we still didn't like it.)

Anyway, that's all over now. And our life is headed in the right direction!

Someone asked me this week,
"So what's the difference between this year and last year? Why do you think he got in now and not a year ago?"
Well that is an excellent question. and one that we wondered for over a year.
To be honest, there is no difference. Devin is perfectly qualified, just like he was last year.
I completely believe that he's just supposed to graduate with the class of 2017 and not the class of 2016.
We don't know why that's the case, but I just know that timing is everything. Luckily one year doesn't make a big difference (even though it felt like it while we were waiting.) And it actually was one of the best years because we have been able to spend so much time together and get used to living in a new city.

I'm so proud of my boy and that he is qualified to go to medical school. I've always been so impressed with him.
Go smart people!


  1. Congrats! I am so excited and happy for you guys. Good luck to the class of 2017!

    the lowercase h

  2. congrats you guys! that's so exciting!

  3. That's awesome Steph!!! Seriously I think med school is the weirdest most random thing. When Matt applied he got into one school and one school only. And we have met several people here that tried 2 or 3 times and then got in. And they said the same thing, that nothing had changed. So I guess it is all just meant to be and timing and everything. But congratulations and I'm glad that stress is over!!!

    1. thanks! it's the craziest thing and the longest process ever. so we're so excited! By the way, congrats on being pregnant :) that's so exciting!

  4. Congrats! Super exciting.


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