Sunday, April 14

Aboard the Windstar!

Saturday morning we hopped on our clipper ship! It was such a cool experience because of how small and intimate it was compared to other cruise ships. All of the staff knew our names and there were 120 staff to 60 guests. It was incredible! (Usually it's not that small in numbers, but they are in the process of crossing over to Lisbon for the summer season.)

We sailed off right at sunset. It was gorgeous! and really cool because there were dozens of ships lined up to go through the Panama Canal. 

The first couple of days were REALLY rocky. There were 20 foot waves and lots of people were sea sick. It was hard to walk at all, let alone in a straight line. Luckily, Devin and I were totally fine and didn't feel sick at all. Because of the crazy weather/waves our trip was extended from 7 days to 9 days. Which I was totally fine with! But that meant we had to change all of our flights and we arrived in Denver on a Tuesday night instead of a Sunday night. I love extended vacays!

Because it was such a small boat, it was very relaxing and not a ton to do! We read a lot and laid out in the sun. Oh and we ate a lot!  It was absolutely perfect! (Really proud of myself for only gaining 2 pounds.)

This was my favorite worker, Bobby, from the Phillipines! He was the best and knew exactly what to bring me to drink at every meal. I miss him a lot!

 The fam at the front of the boat. 

One of the days, they let us stand on the plank at the front of the ship and they took pictures of us. I was soooo nervous!! We were traveling pretty fast and the plank is right over the water and I was just freaking out a little. I didn't let go of those railings for a second.

I was even more nervous when they had all six of us come out on the plank.

Pool time. and another one of our sweet workers, Ed.

On Devin's birthday, we had dinner on the back of the ship. It was gorgeous! 


and the staff made Devin a cake and came out to sing to him! 

The next night, we had a BBQ! Look how pretty that sky is!

and our favorite: dancing!! 

The next morning was my birthday!! I got a birthday massage, and some sweet gifts, and lovely cards!! Oh and I had an amazing 2 hour nap (as you can see from my tired face)

We pulled into Bermuda on my birthday! Bermuda is gorgeous! and we got there after a storm, so the sun was coming through the clouds and it was the best! They don't get a lot of cruise ships (especially this time of year) and so people came out of their houses and waved to us. 

I love this boy.

This is my attempt at an artsy photo:

That night, the staff brought me a cake and sang to me! They are the best and I seriously miss all of them. 
Another picture with Bobby!

Don't worry- almost done with posts of our trip. The next one will be of Bermuda!


  1. your hair is so luxurious. It must be that sea breeze, love it!

  2. and I want as many posts as you will throw out! I feel like I was there now! Thank you for putting up tons of pics!!! I was so curious about a clipper ship. I couldnt stop envisioning all of you on one small sail boat... and I was worried you would fall off...


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