Monday, April 15

Bermuda- the final post

The final post of our trip! drum roll please!

When we pulled up to our hotel in Bermuda, the crazy Bell man named Gary asked, 
"Are you all moving to Bermuda?" 

 We loved our hotel at Elbow Beach! 

 Our room was incredible and I was in love with the pillows and the bed and I wish I could stay there forever! It was really hard to leave. 
One night I was laying in bed and decided it would be a good idea to look up the video of the basketball guy who broke his leg. Ummm it was horrid and i'm scarred for life and I really don't recommend watching it. Sometimes my curiosity just gets the best of me.
 Our room went right out to the beach! Perfection.

And the beach was heavenly! The sand was like powder and it was beautiful weather-for the most part. There were some clouds at times, but the temperature was perfect and we still managed to get some sun.

 The pool was incredible too. And it was crazy how empty the hotel was! It's Bermuda's off season and so we saw about 4 families the whole time.

The boys taught me how to play pool and hold the stick thing and all that jazz. I played against Sean and we finally had to give up and leave because neither of us could hit a ball into the little pockets. Fail.

We spent part of the day exploring Hamilton! There were a bunch of cute shops and restaurants and a beautiful park. 

For dinner we ate on the balcony of this yummy restaurant. We had the best view of the water.

And then we waited at the bus stop to hitch a ride back to our hotel.

It was really hard to leave this place. Loved every second of it!

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