Tuesday, April 23

CA trip

This weekend we went on a quick trip to LA and San Diego for Devin's cousin's homecoming! It was perfect weather and so hard to leave. I'm in love with California.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to work out at the country club!

Then we went to Corner Bakery for some breakfast and we saw Howie Mandel! I love spotting celebs. I'm really good at taking sneaky photos too.

We got ready and headed down to San Diego! It was so fun to see Jordan. He recently returned from serving a mission in New York!

We sat in the backyard for a while and it was perfection. The weather was amazing and we could see the ocean from where we were sitting. mmm i was in heaven. Plus I was holding the cutest baby ever who happens to be a twin. That is just double cute-ness!
Aunt Sarah (the most amazing hostess) and Devin.

That night, we had dinner at the country club. Once again- gorgeous weather, beautiful night, and great company!

The next morning we went to hear Jordan speak! He did such a wonderful job and didn't even write anything down. I was seriously impressed! 

The man of the hour!

Love these 2! Not only are they cousins, but they were room mates at BYU.

It was really hard to leave! And come back to a snow storm... of course.. 

Til we meet again CA!

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  1. I want that greeeeen dress. Mail it to me.... with some extra fabric too.


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