Friday, May 31

i love ice cream. and a long run.

I love ice cream sooooo much.
So when my friend did a blog post about 4 delicious places to get ice cream in Denver, I had to try one of them out. Especially when she mentioned Salted Oreo ice cream.

On Wednesday night, D and I headed over to Little Man Ice Cream to try it out.
To . Die . For.
mmm it was so yummy!

My favorite part is that they serve the ice cream out of a giant milk jug.

D enjoying his yummy Chocolate Malt Ice Cream.

I'm so glad that we went because it is in an area of Denver we haven't really been to. There are so many cool little restaurants and stores too.
And an amazing view of the city!
(which my iphone picture didn't capture very well...)

It was so delicious in fact, that I went back the following day, and got some girlfriends to go along with me so I wouldn't be eating my ice cream alone. I had the grapefruit sorbet. Also delicious.

Today's workout:
10 miles. (had to work off that ice cream)
Took me 90 minutes and I feel pretty good about that.
I'm running a half marathon next weekend and my goal is to keep it under 2 hours.
We'll see how that goes...but I'm pretty sure I can do it.

Thursday, May 30

Portland Day 2 and 3 and 4

Saturday morning we went to the track for a time trial. I ran a mile in 7:12- my new PR! 
(i know it's not that fast, but it felt real fast.)

We cleaned up and went to the temple for my cousin's wedding.
It was such a beautiful day and it wasn't even raining!

My sis, grandma, mom, and me!

And all the women from our family outside of the temple.

The bride and groom! Such a happy day!

It was so fun to meet our cousin's little baby, Anna! Love her. Isn't she cute?

My parents

Ash and Brad. That temple is so pretty! It almost looks fake!

This is a good one. I snapped this right as someone was cheering and so they both looked over. But I'm not so sure why that was my dad's reaction. ha!

The beautiful bride at the wedding luncheon! I'm so happy for her! Being married is the best!

At the reception. The men in deep conversation.

This is a blurry iphone pic, but it's a goodie. 
All of the groomsmen presented the groom with a gun for a wedding gift. I can't even tell you how jealous Devin was. He was in the back of the room in a deep conversation with Brad and when he heard them present it, he immediately ran up to see it. Ha! so hilarious. 

Sunday, we went to my aunt mindy's house to hang out and eat rolls and diet coke.

We played games and relaxed. It was lovely.

And we went out in their yard to play baseball. It was soooo pretty! They live up in the mountains on a lake.

It's like we're in twilight. #teamedward

 My uncle Jim dropped us off to go on a little walk down to the lake.
We got a little lost and ended up walking through fields and through mud. I was in flats and ended up throwing them away because they got so gross and ruined. It was pretty hilarious. Just look at my mom's face!

isn't it so pretty? Oregon is the best!


We eventually made it to a road and just walked along that until my uncle drove by and found us.

And here is a family picture when we got back. (don't be distracted by D's shirt. even though it's basically the focal point of the whole picture)

Monday morning we got up and ran 7 miles in the pouring rain. It was pretty fun, but also pretty miserable. I felt really tired and my feet were totally soaked.

Then we went to breakfast and i made towers with the packets of creamer.

Then we went to Multnomah Falls. Such a pretty place!

Can you see us on the bridge in this picture?

Here we are!

You know you've put up too many pictures when you stop putting captions for each one...

We had such a fun time going to the wedding and being with family. 
I am so happy for my cousin Alexis! 

Tuesday, May 28

Portland Day 1

This weekend we went to Portland for my cousin's wedding. We had so much fun and took wayyyy too many pictures. 
So here we go.
D and I arrived in Oregon a few hours earlier than the rest of my family, so we had the airport hold our bags while we took the train to downtown Portland so we could go explorin'!
It's a really pretty city and the weather was perfect for exploring- 50 degrees and cloudy.

We were walking down a street and ran into my cousin, the bride! Such a small world and fun coincidence. 

After we posted a couple of instagram pictures, friends started giving us suggestions as to what we should see. Our friend Blake told us to try Voo Doo doughnuts and so we looked it up and it turned out we were a block away! 
Oh boy these doughnuts are incredible! (Thanks blake)
There was a line out the door and down the side of the building and we were told how lucky we were that it was such a short line. Ha!
We got a few suggestions from people in line, and everyone concurred that the maple bacon doughnut was their fave. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turned out to be soooo delicious!
(I love the pink boxes too!)

After the doughnuts... we walked around some more and stopped by the nike store.
We found some cool parks and played chess. D beat me and it was very sad. I crack under pressure- there was a group of kids watching us and betting on who would win and they chose D as the winner.  Smart kids.

My parents came to pick us up downtown and we went to lunch down by the river. It was so pretty to be on the water!

Love this pic. Me and my crazy brother in law!

After lunch we went to visit my grandpa's grave. It is in the prettiest cemetery up on a hill and right as we arrived there was a rainbow. 

We also drove by the house my mom grew up in and the apartment where my parents lived when they got married. So many fun memories.

Then we went to see the rest of our relatives and to have a lovely pre wedding dinner.

And on the way to our hotel my dad got pulled over. Poor guy- it happens every trip.