Wednesday, May 8

a day like today

Betchya didn't know that Denver gets 300 sunny days per year- 
that's more than San Diego or Miami Beach.
So when mornings happen like today, it is pretty dang exciting.
It started out cloudy and then started pouring and I felt so cozy and content.
Since my back has been hurting, I planned to do this walking workout but when I got to the gym both treadmills were being used. So I decided to take my walking outside and enjoy the rain.

I love our neighborhood with all of its parks and playgrounds.
 Just this morning I found a "pocket park" that happens to be a block away from us that I have never come across before. 
The best part was how chatty people were about the rain. Everyone I passed had a comment- 
"lovely day for a walk." "welcome to seattle." 
Coloradans just don't know what to do with themselves when the sun isn't shining.

and guess what...
2 hours later: the sun is out.


  1. Coming from San Diego I am totally shocked to hear this!!! haha My brother and his wife are moving to Denver from California, they will be happy to hear this :)

    1. it's really nice! Even if it snows, it will be sunny within a few hours.
      But... i'd still rather live in California ;)


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