Saturday, May 11

A Successful Surprise!

So after work yesterday, D and I took off to Utah to surprise my mom for mother's day!
I love surprising people and so I was really giddy the whole drive and had tons of energy! 
D really benefited from that because I was able to drive most of the time.

We have found the best food situation in Rifle, Colorado.
We love stopping there because there is a Subway and a Taco Bell right next to each other, so it's totally a win win situation.
Can you guess who goes where?
yeah... that was easy.
Me: subway.

D: Taco Bell

And a classic gas station bathroom midnight.

We got to Provo, UT at around 1:30 in the morning-- but before we went to my sister's to sleepover, we made the rounds to all of our college hang-out spots, including where we lived when we first got married: Good old union square! Oh how i love that dive. ;) It was absolutely the best place to live and we met some of the most amazing people! Don't mind the crazy picture- keep in mind it was close to 2 am. Yikes.

We finally made it to Ash and Brad's to sleep on their floor for the night and Ash was fast asleep. Poor pregnant girl--had to be woken up by her favorite sister. Hard life.

This morning, we woke up and met my parents for breakfast at Corner Bakery in Salt Lake. They thought they were just meeting up with Ash and Brad and then D and I walked in! I hugged my mom and we both started crying. Typical girls :) Moms are just the best and I have missed her soooo much.

I have the best parents in the world!

And then we went to Costco because we all know that Costco is awesome on a Saturday! Definitely the place to be. Plus I have a deep love for grocery shopping with my mom.

And then I caught up with my Best Friend, my piano! (i might steal it and take it back to Denver with us...i'm pretty sure i'm strong enough to lift it into our truck)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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