Tuesday, May 7

danger danger

Today I woke up with a kink in my back and had 0% desire to work out- yes, ZERO PERCENT.
I tricked myself (like i usually do) and said I would do 10 minutes of a yoga video.
10 minutes turned into 1 hour...
1 hour turned into going to the gym and running 3 miles...
and that turned into doing an ab video.

Successful workout! Sometimes you just have to trick your body into getting going and it will catch on.
Brace yourself for what I'm going to talk about next...because it's the opposite of having a good workout.
Homemade oreos.
I've never liked them before- I'm a purist, chocolate chip cookie kind of gal.
So when my friend asked me if I would make them for a party in a few days, I was a little wary of the idea. I decided to make a batch last night to "test it out"...and to satisfy my sweet tooth (good idea right? I'm really takin' one for the team here by making sure a delicious recipe is up to par)
Anyway, I made this recipe and holy moly they are delicious but dangerous I tell you. 
Homemade oreos are deceiving little buggers because you are eating 2 cookies for the satisfaction of 1. 
I asked Devin if he liked them and he responded with, "They are rich."
To me, rich is always a good thing when it comes to chocolate, but I'm not too sure he feels the same way.
 (I proceeded to force feed him another one so that I wouldn't feel guilty for eating 2.)
Either way, you've got to make these sometime, but I'm warning you: Please be careful and don't overindulge like myself...
or else it will lead to some crazy sugar high, late night dancing with some awfully weird moves.
Wanna see? 
Don't be jealous guys...

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