Monday, May 13

dominos and mother's day!

Yesterday morning my family introduced me to dominos while Brad and D slept in.
(I was soooo tired, but set an alarm for 8 am anyway because I hate missing out on things.)
I was skeptical at first, but ended up really loving the game! 
But i think it's because I kept winning every round and then ended up winning the whole thing..
 I felt bad that my mom didn't win, since it was mother's day and all.
Sorry mom!

Then we went on a walk and stopped at the elementary school where I thought it would be a good idea to try out my monkey bar routine that I would always do at recess in elementary school. I think i've lost all of my upper body strength-- Definitely peaked in 5th grade.

I'm really mad that I didn't think to get a picture of all of us in our church clothes. 
So here's a creepy stalker picture of my mom who taught the most amazing lesson!

Before we hit the road to drive back to Denver, we stopped at D's family's house to skype with Ryan who is on a mission in Mexico! He's almost been gone 1 whole year.

He's so cute!! It was so fun talking to him. I really have THE best brothers/sister in law. 

and here's a group shot. It was the best weather yesterday and i'm finally starting to feel like it's summer.
 The drive home was gorgeous! I love driving through the rocky mountains. We were pretty tired and didn't get home til 2am and now i'm reeeeaaally exhausted. But we had such a fun weekend and I'm so happy that we drove out for mother's day!!

Happy mother's day to the best mom in the world!!! love you mom!!


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