Sunday, May 5

for a good cause.

Ready for a photo dump?

Friday morning we went to Houston for a charity event for the organization: Kickstart (started by Chuck and Gena Norris). It's an organization that brings martial arts into schools to teach children values and skills and to build strong moral character. It's a great program and benefits a lot of kids. Some of the kids were even at the event showing off some of their awesome moves. I swear that Texas kids are my favorite with their cute accents and polite "Yes sir, Yes ma'am's". I love them.

Dev and I really enjoyed getting all dressed up (black tie attire). I haven't felt this dressed up since our wedding. (and can i just say how hard it was to find a dress in Colorado with sleeves and that's pretty?? Best find of my life! Just goes to show that you can be modest and cool at the same time ;) the rest of the world needs to catch on.) 

Getting ready at the hotel!
We were chatting with Devin's parents and got distracted. Before we knew it we only had 50 minutes to get ready for the event!- As I like to put it, we were in a "time crunch". 
I think we pulled it off though... 

The event was at the prettiest country club!

Me and the best mother-in-law ever! Love her!

There were some pretty fun things to bid on during the live auction! Jewelry...African Safaries... Chuck Norris pistols...

The party favors were cupcakes and little bonsai trees. I'm so happy that our 2 little trees made it home on the plane.

It was such a fun trip, and I probably should have taken more pictures of the rest of the weekend, but I was just having too much fun. 

xoxo steph


  1. Hello. Great post. Did you meet Chuck and Gena Norris during the event?

    1. unfortunately they weren't able to attend this year


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