Thursday, May 16

fueling with honey and today's run

So yesterday I was reading Skinny Runner's post about fueling before/during a run. 
I was reading the comments on it and someone mentioned how they have a really sensitive stomach and so they have a little bit of honey before because, apparently, it's "pre digested" or somethin like that.
So this morning when I was feeling a little hungry before I went on my run, I decided to have like half a teaspoon of honey.
My stomach is super sensitive to anything I eat before a run.
 (and it's just sensitive in general. Like I can't have oatmeal and I can't have any bread or too many vegetables after like 3:00...yeah weird.)
So anyway, honey was a bad idea. It felt like I drank a bottle of tabasco sauce. Yikes.

But despite my stomach imploding, here's my workout for the day:
 (today was focused on improving my mile time.) 
So I warmed up with: 5 min. jogging. + 1 min. walk/1 min. run at 7:20 (and repeat)
Then the tough part...
400 meters @ 7:20 pace 
(30 second rest)
800 meters @ 7:20 pace
(1 min. rest)
300 meters @ 7:20 pace
and repeat all of that again.
End with a 9 minute jog. (running at a 10 min. mile pace never felt so easy)
Here's another sweaty treadmill pic because those are my fave.

And a pic from our walk last night. It randomly started raining in the evening so it was nice and cool and perfection! And we walked past our new little place that we are moving to in June. 

xoxo S

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  1. Blaine AndersonThursday, May 16, 2013

    Good job. After the 10k workout I can never jog more than 2 minutes.
    Just don't feel like it.

    The other workouts you will feel ok with the 9 minute cool down.
    Great pace. You are fast.


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