Friday, May 31

i love ice cream. and a long run.

I love ice cream sooooo much.
So when my friend did a blog post about 4 delicious places to get ice cream in Denver, I had to try one of them out. Especially when she mentioned Salted Oreo ice cream.

On Wednesday night, D and I headed over to Little Man Ice Cream to try it out.
To . Die . For.
mmm it was so yummy!

My favorite part is that they serve the ice cream out of a giant milk jug.

D enjoying his yummy Chocolate Malt Ice Cream.

I'm so glad that we went because it is in an area of Denver we haven't really been to. There are so many cool little restaurants and stores too.
And an amazing view of the city!
(which my iphone picture didn't capture very well...)

It was so delicious in fact, that I went back the following day, and got some girlfriends to go along with me so I wouldn't be eating my ice cream alone. I had the grapefruit sorbet. Also delicious.

Today's workout:
10 miles. (had to work off that ice cream)
Took me 90 minutes and I feel pretty good about that.
I'm running a half marathon next weekend and my goal is to keep it under 2 hours.
We'll see how that goes...but I'm pretty sure I can do it.

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  1. We should be Nike+ friends! Good luck on your half-marathon.


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