Tuesday, May 14

my new coach and running plan

Meet my new coach:
Yep, that's my old man right there!
(I told my parents that I think i inherited his legs...and they just looked confused. Is that a weird thing to say?)
Anyway...he is the best runner I know and in college he ran a mile in 4 minutes and 2 seconds! 
Holy moly!
So when we were visiting Utah last weekend I talked to him about how I could get faster and improve my workouts.  I really want to run a fast 5k and 10 k, so he came up with an awesome plan for me and I started it this morning!  I really had to push myself, but it made me realize that I can push myself wayyyyy harder than what my brain tells me. Our brains say, "just stop and walk now." "just sleep in today and run tomorrow." But our bodies want to be healthy and fit so we need to learn to listen to our bodies.

So here I am after my workout- proof that I survived...and that doo rags are awesome.

I was thinking about posting the whole work out plan, but I think i'm going to try it out first and see if my speed improves and then I'll fill everyone in ;)

But... today's work out was warm up for 1 mile. (running at 5.8 treadmill speed)
Then the killer: 3 x 2 miles at 8:20 per mile pace. (that's 6 whole miles people)
Then a cool down: I walked for a few minutes.. even though I was supposed to jog one mile. (sorry coach...)
So a total of 7 miles.

I'm feeling awesome and just sipping on my muscle milk now (aka nectar of the gods).

xoxo-  S

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