Tuesday, May 28

Portland Day 1

This weekend we went to Portland for my cousin's wedding. We had so much fun and took wayyyy too many pictures. 
So here we go.
D and I arrived in Oregon a few hours earlier than the rest of my family, so we had the airport hold our bags while we took the train to downtown Portland so we could go explorin'!
It's a really pretty city and the weather was perfect for exploring- 50 degrees and cloudy.

We were walking down a street and ran into my cousin, the bride! Such a small world and fun coincidence. 

After we posted a couple of instagram pictures, friends started giving us suggestions as to what we should see. Our friend Blake told us to try Voo Doo doughnuts and so we looked it up and it turned out we were a block away! 
Oh boy these doughnuts are incredible! (Thanks blake)
There was a line out the door and down the side of the building and we were told how lucky we were that it was such a short line. Ha!
We got a few suggestions from people in line, and everyone concurred that the maple bacon doughnut was their fave. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turned out to be soooo delicious!
(I love the pink boxes too!)

After the doughnuts... we walked around some more and stopped by the nike store.
We found some cool parks and played chess. D beat me and it was very sad. I crack under pressure- there was a group of kids watching us and betting on who would win and they chose D as the winner.  Smart kids.

My parents came to pick us up downtown and we went to lunch down by the river. It was so pretty to be on the water!

Love this pic. Me and my crazy brother in law!

After lunch we went to visit my grandpa's grave. It is in the prettiest cemetery up on a hill and right as we arrived there was a rainbow. 

We also drove by the house my mom grew up in and the apartment where my parents lived when they got married. So many fun memories.

Then we went to see the rest of our relatives and to have a lovely pre wedding dinner.

And on the way to our hotel my dad got pulled over. Poor guy- it happens every trip. 


  1. Can your next trip be to Utah please?

    1. haha It actually is! We are coming next week for high school graduation! Let's get together!


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