Friday, May 10

schools... and a surprise party!

yesterday: 5 miles (TreadMill)
today: 30 day shred + abs

I've been applying to a boatload of teaching jobs and all I have gotten out of it is one rejection.

So yesterday I took matters into my own hands and went to a few schools to try to actually speak with someone in person. 
I was so nervous that I was shaking. I hate doing things like this!
I think it helped a lot though and I feel like something good will come of it. 
I'm pretty sure it went so well because I got myself all pumped up before and told myself (out loud) in the car: 
"you are awesome. you are awesome." repeated 10 times.
Does anyone else do this self talk stuff? or is it just me...

Later in the evening I went with some friends to surprise our friend for her birthday.
Nothing beats a good girls night! Especially when there are amazing treats and cake!
These girls are the best. (and sorry for the blurry iphone photo)

This is the birthday girl, Melanie. She is just the best and the nicest person ever, plus she has an adorable baby boy. She also has the most amazing blogShe just has everything going for her :)

Happy friday everyone!!

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