Thursday, May 2

swimming, a curl, and dr. oz


Thank heavens that my mom text me yesterday and reminded me to blog. 
(she actually said "You're never going to blog again, are you? Sadness.") 
Oh I just love my cute mom.

So anyway.. here's a recap!

I'll start with one week ago.
I went swimming with my cute mom friends and their babies.
It was so much fun and I'm really happy that they don't discriminate and let me hang out with them even though I don't have a baby to bring along :)
The little girl that I'm holding is named Daphne. She is pretty much the cutest little girl ever and so I claimed her as my own for the pic above. She has the most adorable little voice and her mom dresses her sooooo cute. and she basically has the vocabulary of a 10 year old. Love her! 
Hopefully our kids will be ask cute as she is...
or at least have this hair:

The next day (Saturday) it was the prettiest day ever and the perfect weather, 
so we went walking in the park--- Central Park to be exact. 
We got to chatting and ended up walking 3.5 miles. 
I love Melanie's face in this (the right). 

On Sunday, I taught my cute primary class. I'm pretty sure I got the best kids in the whole ward. 
Since they are in first grade, I've started to realize that they don't have quite the attention span as my 5th graders I taught last year.. So I went all out and planned all of these activities so that they wouldn't get bored.
And it turned out really well and was so much fun!
The lesson was about the word of wisdom.. 
And I asked, "What is something that we aren't supposed to eat?"
First response: "Cat food!"
Devin loved that answer.

This week, I went with Devin to his scouting thing. He is assistant cub master (i think)...
I never had brothers and so this whole scouting thing/scouting vocab is totally new to me. 
He is a good sport though because they did the old "measure for a coffin" trick to initiate him into scouts. (Look it up if you are like me and have never heard of it...) 
But basically they pour water down your pant leg while you're blind folded and then you feel like you've wet your pants for the rest of the night.

In other news...
Devin's rat tail is growing into a luxurious curl. He's getting more ghetto by the second!

And in health related news...
I need to just put it out there: Buy Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It's the! I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now (alternating between that and running/kick boxing) and I am already getting so much more toned. Try it people- you won't regret it.

Another tip...
So we have an event that we are going to this weekend and I am wearing a gorgeous form fitting dress... and my bloating problems from a "certain time of the month" have not been helping matters!
If you ever have this problem, try Dr. Oz's drink. It's way simple. You make ice cubes from lemon juice and mint leaves and then put them in water and drink away. It's already helping so much! Love discoveries like that.

xoxo steph

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