Saturday, May 18

we are outdoorsy.

Our friends talked us into going backpacking with them last night. We've never been before and I am super weak and so I was a little worried about the whole ordeal. (and I am afraid of bugs. and bears. and basically my own shadow.)
But we had a lot of fun and it was lovely to be up in the mountains and enjoy nature.

Here I am leaving our apartment last night. Those packs are sooooo heavy! 

We couldn't leave Denver until 5:30 ish and the hike was 2.5 hours away and we had to stop at subway along the way, so we got to the trailhead right as the sun was going down.

I really love this guy.

It was pretty spooky hiking 2 miles in the dark to where we set up our camp. I tried not to let my imagination get the best of me! Once we found a place to camp, the boys started a fire and the girls set up the tents. Yeah you read the right! I set up our tent. I told D we should be on survivor or somethin.

this is how dev looks in the morning....all fresh and ready to go.

and this is how i look in the morning. ..Not fresh and ready to go... (i'm keeping this picture small for a reason)

Here is our lovely tent! (that i set up in the dark)

This morning we went for a hike for about 8 miles. It was a gorgeous day and not too hot, which I appreciated. These girls are the best hiking buddies!

And the boys... future doctors of america... The guy on the left is in residency right now, the guy in the middle just started 3rd year of med school, and the guy on the right is just ready to go! Somebody give this guy a stethoscope already!

I had to include this picture because I just look extremely happy about life. Proof that I had fun i guess!

This view was gorgeous. Just so you know, in order to get to this look out spot, I had to squeeze through a really small rock and scrape up my legs up while everyone else climbed down this death trap of a ladder that looked like it would fall apart and that I was too scared to climb down. I told D I would rather scrape up my legs and get stuck between two rocks than fall to my death. 

Trust me, I know this is weird, but i fell in love with this chipmunk and he really liked me because I fed him trail mix. Isn't he so cute? I asked D if we could buy a pet mouse or guinea pig (since he doesn't want a dog right now) but he said no. Come to think of it, they smell really bad anyway. Glad I married someone so logical.

Such a fun trip and I am so glad we went! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

xoxo- S (the outdoorsman)


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