Thursday, June 13

graduation station

Things have been crazy around here and my blogging has definitely been lacking...
We are currently moving and so that is throwing me through a loop.

Last wednesday, we drove to Salt Lake.
The drive is gorgeous, and boy are we getting to know this drive really well. 

We usually stop in Grand Junction because it is the half way point and where Devin's g-pa lives.
Behind them in this pic is an eagles nest with baby bald eagles inside. Not something you see everyday.

we finally arrived to Salt Lake and gee whiz it is pretty. 
I can't get over how close the mountains are and how green everything is. 
Utah in the summer=heaven

We found this kid and we all went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

I love this dog. He wanted to come to dinner too.

The next morning we got up and went to Hallie's graduation from elementary school! I can't believe she is going to start junior high.
 I remember the first time I met her and she was a little kindergartner returning from a Jazz game with a big Jazz teddy bear and came and snuggled right up to me on the couch. 
Time flies and makes me feel old.

Here she is around the time I met her.

And here is a picture at graduation. 
She is the cutest little sister ever and she was pretty emotional about graduating. It was really cute.

Hallie and her 6th grade teacher.

Oakridge graduates, past and present.

The day just kept getting busier and busier.
Here is the other graduate, Sean.
He is done with high school now and I can't even believe it!

I don't have a full recollection of when I met him, but this is what he looked like (middle):

Here he is with his good friend, right before walking across the stage.

I was sooooo hungry because we didn't really eat anything all day (like i literally was shaking). So about 5:30 we peaced out during the ceremony and picked up some fries and shakes from Hire's. Those ceremonies can be pretty lengthy and I don't think Sean noticed, so it was a win win situation. And that is why i'm so happy in the following pictures.

Devin, chocolate shake in hand.

Afterwards, we went to The Little America for a fun dinner with all of the graduates from Sean's ward. 
The food was amazing and it was such a fun way to celebrate! Afterwards, all the graduates went to their respective parties until 6 am. The only thing I remember about graduation is being locked in Olympus High School with a bunch of blow up obstacle courses and some high school bands. 

Sean, Devin, and Aaron (sean's best friend from forever ago)

because I like to talk about myself I'd like to add the following... 
Since my high school graduation, it has been 7 years people! SEVEN.
So glad I've stayed in touch with these girls though. That's the only thing that's important about high school anyway. Having a social life ;)

Next up: the half marathon!
This deserves a post of its own.

Hopefully it won't be a week before I post again...

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