Saturday, June 15


We moved this week!
We love our new place... but I feel sentimental about leaving our old apartment. 
The new place is a little town home and we love the location. This is our first time not living in an apartment! I will put up more pictures soon of what it looks like!

We brought Sean, our little moving buddy, to help us. (He helped us move to Denver last summer)
We were so glad he came, even though it made him late for his senior trip!

Sean is so random. We were stopped in traffic on the way out to Denver and so he got out of the car and started doing these really weird pushups. Never a dull moment with that kid.

We only moved one block and so it was really nice to not have to box every little thing up. Like our clothes:

Here is Sean's back flop at the pool. hahah i'm really glad i recorded it.

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