Friday, June 14

Utah Valley Half Marathon PR

It all started with Devin driving me to Provo so I could have a sleepover with sister who happens to live right down the street from where I needed to be at 4 am the following morning.

We had a lot of fun.. going to the race expo...eating at brick oven...watching the kardashians...

see bruce jenner in the background?

It was all fun and games until Ashley started snoring. 
So I ended up sleeping on the couch. Have you ever tried to argue with someone who is talking in their sleep? It's not a good situation. Ash kept denying that she was snoring or that she was even asleep. There was no hope in reasoning with her. Crazy pregnant lady. ;)

I got up at 3:20 am.
I was a little stressed because I forgot everything (not everything, but a lot of stuff).
I forgot my running shorts.... my tri slide... MaxATP...zyrtec...
Talk about unprepared.

How I resolved my forgetful-ness:

Shorts: I borrowed some of ashley's shorts. see those pink beauties?
They really chafed though and they were just uncomfortable. But thanks ash for saving the day. Uncomfortable shorts are better than no shorts...

Tri slide: If you have ever chafed in a longer run, you NEED tri slide. It's the best anti chafe spray out there and i was sooooooo sad that I left it in Denver. I ended up buying some body glidefor women at the race expo, but it was 0% helpful and didn't work at all. Tri slide is the way to go. Worth every penny.

MaxATP: It is the drink that I have before I run. It's basically packed with vitamins and gives you a boost of energy. I am really surprised that I had a PR in this race without drinking my usual dose of ATP.

Zyrtec: not really essential to performance but I get awful allergies. I ended up picking some up at the grocery store.

Like my compression socks? I've always wanted to try them because apparently they help with blood circulation, performance, and recovery. The first 2 miles my legs felt like lead... But after that I felt amazing. I would suggest trying them out before your race in them to see if you like them. Sometimes I don't make the best decisions on race day.

What I ate:

3:30 am. Watered down Muscle Milk Light with ice. and a plain white bagel.

During: Nothing. I took a few sips of gatorade and a few sips of water at each aid station (every 2 miles). In the past I have taken a couple of gu packets, but I haven't had them in a while and wasn't sure how my body would react. I didn't want to risk it. But I felt completely fine and didn't feel like I needed anything.

It was the prettiest summer morning.
I wish I would have taken a picture of what I was wearing before the race. I was getting some pretty strange looks.. but i think everyone was just jealous that I was so warm and not shivering. It was in the 40's and so I wore gigantic sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and I big, pink, fur coat. I looked ridiculous but when everyone else was freezing after waiting 2 hours for the race to start, I was pretty happy with myself.

This is during the first mile.

I felt amazing basically the whole race. I ran an average of 8:45 per mile which was shocking. I have never been in the 8-9 minute mile range during a race, let alone a half marathon. I felt strong, yet felt like I was pushing myself. At about the half way mark a girl told me that I was awesome at pacing and that she was trying to follow me the whole time. I stayed around 8:30 per mile the whole time, and walked for about 20 seconds during the aid stations, so that averaged out to 8:45 per mile.

This picture is at the end... Hanging in there.

My final time was 1:53...ish. My garmin watch sayid 1:52 and the race clock said 1:54, so I'm goin' with 1:53. I beat my other half marathon times by about 15 minutes, so I'm really proud of that.

I loved having my family at the end cheering me on.
I really need to work on my race emotions. I always start to cry when I get near the finish line because I'm so happy. it's really weird and embarrassing and makes it hard to breathe.

Thanks ash for taking pictures.

And thanks Ash for letting me stay at your place and driving me to my shuttle at 4 am. No hard feelings about the snoring ;)

And a panda because I love pandas.

Utah Valley Marathon Review

At the end I got the most amazing free massage.
There were creamies...fruit... chocolate milk ....jamba juice...etc. at the end.
I love the medals and t-shirts.
There were plenty of shuttles/buses to drive us up to the starting line. I only had to wait about 3 minutes to board.

NO PORTA POTTIES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE RACE.  They only had them at the beginning and the end. I honestly don't understand how people survived if they had to go during the race. Luckily I didn't have to use one at all and so I didn't really notice until they emailed everyone an apology. Those poor marathoners. Yikes. But in the race's defense, they said that they drove around the porta potty people the day before and told them exactly where to put them (every 2 miles). So the porta potty people really dropped the ball on that one. 

Overall the race was really organized and well put together. 


  1. Let the record show that I was not snoring but I was breathing heavily with a slight tick. If you want to hear what it sounds like ask steph to make the sound. The end.

  2. I have always thought that running seems AWFUL but this actually looks like fun. I'm always so impressed with your running and that there's so much smiling in your pictures. Good job!


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