Monday, July 29

summer in denver

In between trips, we've had a lot of fun at home!

One of the things on our summer checklist was to go to all of the Stapleton pools. 
So we decided to go to all 4 of them in one day!
It was pretty hilarious and we barely made it to the 4th pool when it started pouring rain. It was such a fun day! I love our neighborhood!

We went to a theme park called "Lakeside". It was so fun and ghetto. 
We went on this roller coaster and it was sooo old and scary. They had these brakes were these 3 guys would manually stop the roller coaster at the end. Scary!! and it also was lightning all over the place while we were on it and they didn't even close the park. haha weird!

I love rides!

This is the ride we almost went on... but someone barfed and they closed it.

It started pouring rain! We were completely drenched just from running to the car. It was so much fun!

Denver is awesome because it rains  every afternoon in the summer. I love it! A mixture of sunshine and rain.

We bought a tiny little BBQ from walmart for $17. Such a good deal!
We've had a great time grilling bratwurst and smore's!

We love you denver!!

Sunday, July 28

June/July road trip

After Cabo, we went on a road trip!
First, we stopped in Vail  for our anniversary! We love being in the mountains! We found the best deal at the prettiest hotel on the hotelstonight app. 

This pic and its blurriness shows how excited we were.

Isn't it a pretty hotel? My favorite part was the hotel dog that wanders around with the owner. His name is speedy and I love him.

We spent the following morning walking around Vail Village.

We continued on our road trip to Grand Junction to go to a wedding on the Rigg side of the family.
It was really fun and I loved meeting Devin's cousins that I haven't met before.
I love the fist pump in this pic.

and i always love a good photo booth.

at the rigg ranch!


Devin asked little Brinley to dance. Cutest thing ever! She told him all about kindergarten and her life. Love her.

Onward... to Utah!

I have been lacking in the picture department... so here are a few random shots.

We hung out with our friend Brad and had a BBQ... went furniture shopping... etc.

the fourth of july was so much fun! I made Dev take a pic with me in front of the flag.

My mom made the most amazing fourth of july meal for us! Complete with the best table decor.

and we went to see the Holladay fireworks. We were really confused when they randomly stopped 15 minutes early and everyone got up and left. Where was the finale? If my dad becomes the mayor, I will make sure the fireworks are his first priority.

Devin got his first pedicure. Doesn't he look thrilled?

We visited Devin's grandma!

We had so much fun seeing family...
Eating at the cheese cake factory!

We hung out with some of our favorite friends!

I love it when these two best friends get together. They are like twins.

Friday, July 12

June Recap: Cabo

wow. this summer has been nuts.
It's like we moved and then I fell off the face of the earth. 
So I guess i will try to do some catching up with the last month.

In June we went to Cabo. We had a blast and enjoyed every second of it!
We went for my inlaw's company retreat and so it was especially fun to see all of our friends who are part of the company.

A trip just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Walmart for some essentials.
(the guy second from the right lost his suit case on the way so he had to get clothes and everything. we were great shopping assistants... but he drew the line when we tried to get him to buy a sombrero.)

We had a welcome dinner the first night. Check out that view!

There were a lot of delicious restaurants at our resort. I made sure not to weigh myself when we got back to America...

We all got matching shirts and fadoras. 
Fact: I do not look good in a fadora.
The guy in the middle is in charge of planning all of the company trips and he is the best! We call him uncle mark because he's just that awesome and feels like part of our family. 
He first won us over a few years ago when we were in hawaii and he scheduled a driver to take just us kids to the best shave ice place on maui. 
And that is exactly how you become my best friend :)

My favorite back tickler. And sean in the background reading Miracle of Forgiveness.. Ya know.. just some light reading.

One afternoon we went snorkeling in the ocean. It was really fun and BEAUTIFUL! 

Love my sis in law!

The best part was being on a boat with all of our friends. It wouldn't have been as awesome if we were on a boat with a bunch of smelly strangers... just sayin'

I was really happy there were noodles to float on while we snorkeled. I'm not the best swimmer.

I snorkeled for approximately 5.6 minutes and then got back in the boat to eat chips and guacamole and virgin strawberry pina coladas. Meanwhile, Devin swam all around and to a rock and back. I feel like my decision was the better of the two. 

Gorgeous summer evenings in Cabo. It really was beautiful!

Daddy daughter picture. Suddenly my little sis in law looks 15. How did that happen??

We barely made it to breakfast every morning. We would sleep in until the last second and then run over to eat delicious bacon.

One night we all went shopping in the town. I was seriously overheating, but it was really fun and I found the perfect mexican bowl to put in our kitchen.

And Devin found this sombrero. I couldn't stop laughing.

After shopping, we had dinner at this really cool outdoor restaurant, complete with a band.

Devin is superb on the maracas and  he was really in his element.  I had no idea.

We returned to the resort and all got matching ponchos. I love a good poncho.
And this is my signature dance move: the stepherz

Family poncho pic.

This is our good friend, Emmanuel, who we are trying to convince to move from Miami to Utah. Don't you think he would love BYU?

More friends at the pool! They are from puerto rico and are really good at teaching me spanish.

These girls got matching corn rows on the beach. 

This is at the goodbye dinner. So sad :(

Group picture of all of the kids... Yes we consider ourselves kids even though we are 25.

Family photo.

After the dinner, we played a game of Settlers of Catan. It's tradition.

And then everyone went to bed,  so we went to the club with Sean. Pretty hilarious experience. 

Such a fun trip and so sad it's already over! Definitely something I look forward to every summer!