Monday, July 29

summer in denver

In between trips, we've had a lot of fun at home!

One of the things on our summer checklist was to go to all of the Stapleton pools. 
So we decided to go to all 4 of them in one day!
It was pretty hilarious and we barely made it to the 4th pool when it started pouring rain. It was such a fun day! I love our neighborhood!

We went to a theme park called "Lakeside". It was so fun and ghetto. 
We went on this roller coaster and it was sooo old and scary. They had these brakes were these 3 guys would manually stop the roller coaster at the end. Scary!! and it also was lightning all over the place while we were on it and they didn't even close the park. haha weird!

I love rides!

This is the ride we almost went on... but someone barfed and they closed it.

It started pouring rain! We were completely drenched just from running to the car. It was so much fun!

Denver is awesome because it rains  every afternoon in the summer. I love it! A mixture of sunshine and rain.

We bought a tiny little BBQ from walmart for $17. Such a good deal!
We've had a great time grilling bratwurst and smore's!

We love you denver!!

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