Thursday, August 29

a new chapter in our lives

you know you haven't blogged for a while.... when you can't remember your password to login.

A couple of weeks ago Devin had his white coat ceremony for med school. It was so exciting! and we loved having our families in town for it. 

Getting his white coat...

Since his dad is an alum of CU, he was able to give him his stethoscope.

My cute med student.

Because we are so awesome, they put our picture up on the CU website.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating delicious food.

We went to Snooze for breakfast. (Hallie was a little squished)

Cheesecake Factory

16th Street Mall


California Pizza Kitchen

Definitely don't want to miss a meal!

And... the night before classes, I snipped off that rat tail. Such a sad day :( But I must say I did quite a good job.

And now that we're two weeks into school, I must say it is just as intense as I expected!
I see Devin for a few minutes each night as we're falling asleep. Luckily I already knew what we were getting into! Here's to 9 weeks of anatomy and becoming smarter!!

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  1. So awesome that Bob got to give Devin his Stethoscope! What an awesome new chapter of your lives. Proud of our little Dev :)


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