Tuesday, August 13

Jay and a friends trip!

About a month ago, we went to LA.
and were able to see JAY LENO!

We love jay. we watch the tonight show every single night, so I was veeerrrry excited to see him in person.
We got to the studio and only had to stand in line for about an hour.
Then they gave us a number to save our spot in line so we could leave and come back. That was nice. I'm not the most patient person, so I'm really glad we weren't standing in line for hours and hours and were able to leave and get lunch at weinershnitzel :)

Bob and Devin waiting patiently and making friends with the BYU alumni that we happened to meet.

The show was so much fun! Jay is so hilarious and quick witted, even off camera. It was fun to see how it all works and to hear the band in person. 

At one point, I kept waving to Jay during a commercial break to try and get him to wave back.
He finally waved back to me and gave me the peace sign! I felt super special.

I also got a sweet t-shirt for being excited and enthusiastic!
XXXXXL anyone?

Dev and I went to the beach one afternoon, and it was lovely!

One night we drove down to Newport to meet Devin's cousin and uncle for dinner.
We got there a little early so we went to Balboa Island. I had never been there before, and what a treat it was! Such a beautiful place!

Speaking of treats... we decided to have a balboa bar as an appetizer. It was the most delicious dessert I have ever eaten! I was in heaven.

We went to this delicious Italian place for dinner. Devin tried to order Lasagna... but they didn't make lasagna... and then he tried to order chicken parmesan...but they didn't have that either.  He was like, "this is an Italian restaurant right?" It was pretty hilarious.

After LA, we flew to Salt Lake and our friends picked us up to drive to Star Valley, Wyoming.
It was so much fun! I loved being in such a beautiful place.

There were 11 of us that went, and it was so fun to be all together again!
We went rafting one day down the snake river.

We were going down and we somehow ran into this big rock cliff and flipped. It was TERRIFYING. I was hyperventilating from cold/fear and couldn't even breathe. It was the strangest experience ever. Luckily Devin found me and grabbed my life jacket and told me to breathe and then I was able to relax. (He is really good in stressful situations. I am not.)

Devin and Nic were able to climb on our raft (which was upside down still) and paddle it to shore. Devin had the biggest bruise on his foot from being dragged on the rocks.
Meanwhile the rest of us were trying to swim to shore. We probably scrambled/swam for 1/4 of a mile. I lost my favorite sandals in the process :( But I found my ray bans before they floated away! and I grabbed Devin's favorite hat.

I may have let one of our oars float away from me... The only one that we never found.

Ok. That's not entirely true.
 So I was holding onto an oar and decided that I only cared about swimming to shore so I let go of it and let it float down the river. And we had to pay the rafting company for it. 
But priorities people! My ray bans and my life are way more important than an oar.

In the end we all felt really lucky that no one got seriously injured.

This is big kahuna, which was one of the scary parts of the river.

 After rafting, we went into Jackson Hole for dinner. It was my first time ever going there, and I loved it!

And this is a picture from the end of the trip.

We had such a fun time. Playing croquet... battle of the sexes...ping pong... golf...
Best friends trip!

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