Monday, September 16

Denver flooding

Holy moly!
What a week it has been here in Denver. 
If you haven't been watching the news, Denver and it's surrounding cities have been pounded with a ton of rain and flooding. 19,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged this week. 

We are lucky to live in a new neighborhood that is built on the old airport - so it has excellent drainage, and is basically flat so the only areas that were flooded in our neighborhood were the parks. 

This is a picture I took from inside the Stapleton Rec Center, which looks out over a park. None of that is supposed to be water, mind you.

Aurora (a few streets over from where we live) was hit pretty hard and they ended up closing all of the schools, including the medical school. That alone was shocking because the med school doesn't even close during huge snowstorms.

This is a picture that one of our friends took of the flooding in Aurora. I can't believe that we live so close to this and yet didn't have any flooding/damage.

This is at the medical school where the white coat ceremony was held a month ago. Totally full of water. Some of Devin's friends from his class put up pictures on facebook of them playing in it. It was basically above their knees.

And here are some pictures from harder hit areas. It is unbelievable.

One of Devin's classmates was visiting her parents on Wednesday night up in Estes Park when the worst of the storms rolled in. Estes Park basically became an island after all the roads were washed out. She was stranded for 3 days and ended up hiking down to Boulder and hitch hiking to Denver, which took about 8 hours. (dedicated student)

We are so grateful that we have remained unscathed (besides a bit of leaking upstairs) and are praying for those who lost their homes or loved ones. 

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