Monday, September 9

Sean's farewell

The flight to Salt Lake was sooooooooooooo pretty! It was totally clear and I looked out the window the entire flight- which was a first for me. We flew over the Colorado ski resorts and I could pick out each one.  (I also was a rebel and took pictures the whole time with my phone.)
The flight attendant felt really bad for Devin because he looked so tired and she told him he needs more sleep. I guess a few weeks of med school will do that to you. Poor guy.
Look how pretty the clouds were!

So the purpose of this trip was to say goodbye to Sean-er doo! He had his farewell on sunday and is serving a mission in Dallas, Texas. We're so proud of him, but gee whiz it's hard to say goodbye.

definitely should have taken more pictures... 
This is after church. 

He did such an amazing job speaking and he even did a musical number. I'm not just talking about any musical number.. he arranged his own version of Homeward Bound and had his piano teacher, Craig Kaelin play the organ, a lady in the ward play the flute, a family friend Mark Lindsay sing, and Sean played the piano. It was incredible!!

Here is the recording of it. Not the best quality ever since it's from devin's iphone. But I think it's awesome and wanted to share.

Sean is so popular that Senator Orrin Hatch was in attendance (umm he's the one with the white hair with his back turned to the camera). This is my creeper photo from the car. (and my cute mom)

Just look at his hat. Isn't he the cutest little brother?

And Devin and Sean. It's crazy that both of Devin's brothers are on missions right now. It's sure going to be quiet!
But i'm so proud of them!

We love you Elder Scott!!


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