Wednesday, September 18

today's faves

1. going with a friend to an awesome zumba class and actually being able to follow along.
2. the fact that tomorrow's weather is supposed to be in the 60's
3. the two naps that I took today. 
4. my crankiest piano student only being 50% cranky this afternoon.
5. discovering "simply made limeade". 
6. Devin passing the first five weeks of anatomy! (this ain't no undergrad degree people...passing tests is like winning the lottery.)
7. my new favorite candle from target: Winter Woods. I'm so ready for fall and winter.
8. my car starting. --i had to get a new battery this week and now it starts with such pizzazz.
9. the app: million second quiz. Download it now. It's really fun.
10. and meeting some new friends for dinner tonight.

Happy Wednesday!

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