Thursday, November 21

random week of iphone pics

Last week my friend melanie had a little craft party to make christmas trees. Just look at that spread! She really is the best and if you ever want some diy inspiration, check out her blog.
oh and I tried my first macaroon at this party. i'm in love! 

My mom sent me the cutest package with adorable baby girl things in it! I'm so excited!

and can we just talk about how adorable this little outfit and headband is??? i'm OBSESSED! Basically i just like to look online at cute baby clothes and wish i could purchase all of them!

whenever devin wears a shirt with a hood he always tucks it behind his ears. super hilarious and strange so i made sure to get a pic.

I've been decorating for christmas and it has been the best! At first it took me a few days to get into it because the weather has been in the 60's and sunny, but now i'm totally loving every second and listening to christmas music all day long! This really is the best time of the year!
The garland in the picture is a kit from target and you are given all of the materials and put it together. love it!

another christmas decoration: a glitter reindeer. Tutorial found here. And let's just say this:
glitter is messy.

This belly of mine really popped this week (21 weeks)! Gee whiz. Starting to look more and more pregnant! But still able to run and do zumba :) and i'm feeling awesome!

feeling awesome.... besides the fact that i fell yesterday. Ha!
It was the saddest experience ever. It was night time and I got out of my car to go into the family's house that i used to nanny for and i totally tripped on the curb and slammed into the cement (2 feet to the left and i would've fallen on grass.) I cut up my wrist and elbow and knee and foot and was bleeding and all of the stuff in my purse went flying everywhere. wow. not graceful at all. i can't even remember the last time I have fallen like that...maybe when i was 7 years old? maybe never?

I knocked on the door and was like "this is so embarrassing but can i have a paper towel and some bandaids?"

i came home later and got bandaged up better and ate some oreos and i'm feeling lots better now.

My friend keeps finding random baby girl clothes at her house for me that still have the tags on and have never been worn and all of them are ADORABLE!! I love baby clothes so much.

Yesterday I was playing outside with my two little friends who i love and it was sooooo warm and didn't feel like november at all!

isn't he cute? hands in his pockets. he was stressed about the construction workers next door.

and this guy. he's like a little parrot and repeats anything you say (well, up to 2 syllables)

and this is today! I'm in heaven!! I've been wanting snow for so long and it finally feels like christmas!
Best day ever!

Wednesday, November 20

weekend road trip.

Two weekends ago we went to grand junction to see Devin's grandpa

We helped him bail hay and drive the tractor and feed the horses and stuff like that.

I love horses. I was a little timid while feeding them apples, but I got the hang of it and we became great friends. 

Grandpa bob on his tractor.

we also drove the tractor. It was one crazy ride. I think we reached a speed of 15 miles per hour.

Devin was excited because we went shooting.

Working on my shot.

Devin's aunt and uncle also live in Grand Junction and his cousin happened to be in town as well, so we all went to dinner. We went to a sushi place and it was torture! ohhhh how i miss sushi!

the end.

Wednesday, November 13

it's a....


On friday we went to get an ultra sound and found out we're having a baby girl!! We were totally convinced we were having a boy, so it was pretty surprising but we are soooooooo excited!! 

She was really cooperative during the ultra sound and they had no problem figuring out the gender. She was moving around like crazy and rolling all over the place- I felt really bad for the student that had to take a turn doing the ultra sound (you get lots of students working on you at a university hospital and you feel like, as a medical student's wife, it's your duty to let them work on you even though they don't know what they're doing. lovely.) where was i? oh yeah, baby girl wouldn't hold still and it was really entertaining. She is a lively one! and kicks me ALL DAY LONG. i love it. Maybe it's all that zumba! but it's crazy that i can feel her so much at only 20 weeks. Makes me wonder what it will be like when she's bigger!

Right after the ultra sound we went to baby gap and got her a little pink outfit. I love baby clothes so much! and I'm so happy that we know the gender now so we can visualize everything and start planning!

Here i am at 20 weeks. Gettin bigger! (gotta love all these bathroom selfies. classy)

Thursday, November 7

Baby Olivia Overload!!!

Guys, our niece is the best!!! and this post is all pictures of her.... just to warn you.

On friday we flew to salt lake to meet our 3 week old Olivia. Longest 3 weeks of my life!!

When we got to my parent's house I immediately ran inside to find her. Ash was a little mad that I passed her in the kitchen to see Olivia first. and I'm sure it wasn't the nicest when I took Olivia out of my grandma's arms (sorry grandma Karla) But I was just so excited to hold the little nugget!

Devin and baby O. (don't worry- he wasn't really asleep, just imitating her) 

we all love her.

she really likes her uncle devin.

Saturday we went up in the mountains to Silver Lake, so Olivia got all bundled up for the trip! (this is the background on my phone now. isn't she adorable?)

It was fun seeing the first snow of the season! 
This is my instagram baby bump debut. 19 weeks!!

Family pic (from ashley's blog) that surprisingly turned out really well seeing how a stranger took the picture for us! I guess that's what happens when you don't use an iphone to take all of your pictures. Sadly brad is missing from the pic because he only came up for a few minutes on sunday. 

After the lake, we ate Apollo Burger! and then ash and i went shopping! it was really fun to have a shopping buddy even though it was hard for her to be away from her baby. 
That night Devin and I went to his little sister's basketball game! She is really good, but unfortunately her team got crushed because they played gigantic 9th graders (she's in 7th grade). Such an intense game and I almost had a panic attack!
After the game we went to cafe rio! I was in heaven! 

My parents are sooooo sweet and they bought me my first baby gift!! a diaper bag. isn't it gorgeous?? I'm in love!

More baby liv snuggles. I could just snuggle her all day. (and i did)

her adorable outfit we got at baby gap! she loved it even though she looks concerned.

she loves her grandpa blaine's deep voice. It lulls her right to sleep.

alright, last picture...
saying goodbye :( it was tragic! 

Love you li'l liv!!!!

Wednesday, November 6


On Halloween night we had a little dinner and movie party with some friends. It was a lot of fun. and I made a butt load of caramel corn.... which i'm still working on eating --but I don't mind.

The Gebhard's came as skiiers. (and we all learned how to correctly spell their last name after a year of knowing them)

The Moss' came as newsies.

Peyton manning and a football. (don't the football pads look better than the last post?)

and our other friends, the Pierson's, came as Amy Winehouse and ...himself.

It was a fun little party and we watched Halloween 4- which is the dumbest scary movie ever, but i was grateful because I get scared really easily.

Also, my spider webs are made out of black garbage bags (classy)-- compliments to pinterest. I was going to save them for next year, but devin told me to throw them away. psh...

halloween piano recital

I'm trying to blog in chronological order, even though i'm dying to write about meeting my niece! (there might be 2 posts today)

Fall in Denver is sooooo gorgeous! Especially in the older neighborhoods where the trees are grown up and line the streets. It has been extra spectacular because it has slowly gotten colder and colder and it hasn't even snowed yet, so the leaves have stayed around a little longer.

Last week I had my first piano recital for my students! It was a halloween recital (day before halloween) and so i had all of them dress up in their costumes. It was so much fun and only lasted 15 minutes because all of my students are beginners and their songs are 20 seconds long. ha! Kind of awkward to end so quickly, but all of the parents really appreciated a short recital. 
SHOUT OUT: *Thanks mom and dad for coming to my recitals that were hours and hours, where just one song would last 15 minutes ;)*

I had to include this picture because my "football pads" are sooooo hilarious--i was peyton manning. I looked like a hunchback and had no idea until I was looking through the pictures! Luckily we realized and the next day we didn't make the football pads/dishtowels quite so large.

All of my adorable students!

P.S. didn't i luck out on the venue? I asked a family in my ward (i hate asking people for things) because i knew the mom played the piano and must have a piano in their house and they said yes! Turns out their house is GORGEOUS and they set up about 35 chairs in their living room and made it all perfect for the recital and then went and sat in their basement during the recital. Aren't they the nicest people ever??? 

Friday, November 1

LA weekend and 19 weeks!

A week ago we went to LA to visit Devin's dad. 
Since Devin is finally done with anatomy, we decided it would be the perfect time to pay a quick visit!

I love southwest so much. They still have free drinks on their flights. Bless them.

Friday night, we went to the Cheesecake Factory and just hung out.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to the gym!
And then per tradition we went to Corner Bakery for some celeb watching and delicious oatmeal.

We drove down to Santa Monica for the day and it was so pretty (as usual). I love driving along the beach and looking out at the ocean. And I love that sea air. 

Shopping at the third street promenade!

Got this amazingly incredible workout shirt at the Nike store. Nike: the way to my heart.
Thanks Bob for taking good care of me!

That night we went to dinner at Marmalade and then to Barnes and Noble and then to Menchies. Very fun evening!

The next morning we went to brunch at the Four Seasons! This was probably the highlight of the trip for me. This girl loves a good crepe cooked in brown sugar butter and topped with nutella. mmmm.... yum!

If you ever are near a Four Seasons Hotel, you have to go to their brunch. It is the most amazing food in the world and it is all buffet style so you get tons of food. We've been to the one in Vegas before and it is so delicious too.

Devin was really excited about it.

Thanks for the awesome trip, Bob!

Pregnancy update:

19 weeks and feeling awesome!
I can feel the baby kicking around in there, which is the best feeling in the world! I seriously love it so much.
I'm starting to show more! I promise it's bigger in person- or at least i just feel ginormous.
But as of this week I've decided to "embrace the bump" and show it off instead of hiding under large shirts and feeling big and awkward.  I bought my first maternity shirts this week :)

Still enjoying zumba, yoga, running, and the elliptical!
And I'm feeling way more energetic!
We find out the gender in exactly ONE WEEK!!! I can't wait!!!

Up next: Halloween Piano Recital!!