Thursday, November 7

Baby Olivia Overload!!!

Guys, our niece is the best!!! and this post is all pictures of her.... just to warn you.

On friday we flew to salt lake to meet our 3 week old Olivia. Longest 3 weeks of my life!!

When we got to my parent's house I immediately ran inside to find her. Ash was a little mad that I passed her in the kitchen to see Olivia first. and I'm sure it wasn't the nicest when I took Olivia out of my grandma's arms (sorry grandma Karla) But I was just so excited to hold the little nugget!

Devin and baby O. (don't worry- he wasn't really asleep, just imitating her) 

we all love her.

she really likes her uncle devin.

Saturday we went up in the mountains to Silver Lake, so Olivia got all bundled up for the trip! (this is the background on my phone now. isn't she adorable?)

It was fun seeing the first snow of the season! 
This is my instagram baby bump debut. 19 weeks!!

Family pic (from ashley's blog) that surprisingly turned out really well seeing how a stranger took the picture for us! I guess that's what happens when you don't use an iphone to take all of your pictures. Sadly brad is missing from the pic because he only came up for a few minutes on sunday. 

After the lake, we ate Apollo Burger! and then ash and i went shopping! it was really fun to have a shopping buddy even though it was hard for her to be away from her baby. 
That night Devin and I went to his little sister's basketball game! She is really good, but unfortunately her team got crushed because they played gigantic 9th graders (she's in 7th grade). Such an intense game and I almost had a panic attack!
After the game we went to cafe rio! I was in heaven! 

My parents are sooooo sweet and they bought me my first baby gift!! a diaper bag. isn't it gorgeous?? I'm in love!

More baby liv snuggles. I could just snuggle her all day. (and i did)

her adorable outfit we got at baby gap! she loved it even though she looks concerned.

she loves her grandpa blaine's deep voice. It lulls her right to sleep.

alright, last picture...
saying goodbye :( it was tragic! 

Love you li'l liv!!!!

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