Wednesday, November 6

halloween piano recital

I'm trying to blog in chronological order, even though i'm dying to write about meeting my niece! (there might be 2 posts today)

Fall in Denver is sooooo gorgeous! Especially in the older neighborhoods where the trees are grown up and line the streets. It has been extra spectacular because it has slowly gotten colder and colder and it hasn't even snowed yet, so the leaves have stayed around a little longer.

Last week I had my first piano recital for my students! It was a halloween recital (day before halloween) and so i had all of them dress up in their costumes. It was so much fun and only lasted 15 minutes because all of my students are beginners and their songs are 20 seconds long. ha! Kind of awkward to end so quickly, but all of the parents really appreciated a short recital. 
SHOUT OUT: *Thanks mom and dad for coming to my recitals that were hours and hours, where just one song would last 15 minutes ;)*

I had to include this picture because my "football pads" are sooooo hilarious--i was peyton manning. I looked like a hunchback and had no idea until I was looking through the pictures! Luckily we realized and the next day we didn't make the football pads/dishtowels quite so large.

All of my adorable students!

P.S. didn't i luck out on the venue? I asked a family in my ward (i hate asking people for things) because i knew the mom played the piano and must have a piano in their house and they said yes! Turns out their house is GORGEOUS and they set up about 35 chairs in their living room and made it all perfect for the recital and then went and sat in their basement during the recital. Aren't they the nicest people ever??? 

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