Wednesday, November 6


On Halloween night we had a little dinner and movie party with some friends. It was a lot of fun. and I made a butt load of caramel corn.... which i'm still working on eating --but I don't mind.

The Gebhard's came as skiiers. (and we all learned how to correctly spell their last name after a year of knowing them)

The Moss' came as newsies.

Peyton manning and a football. (don't the football pads look better than the last post?)

and our other friends, the Pierson's, came as Amy Winehouse and ...himself.

It was a fun little party and we watched Halloween 4- which is the dumbest scary movie ever, but i was grateful because I get scared really easily.

Also, my spider webs are made out of black garbage bags (classy)-- compliments to pinterest. I was going to save them for next year, but devin told me to throw them away. psh...

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