Wednesday, November 13

it's a....


On friday we went to get an ultra sound and found out we're having a baby girl!! We were totally convinced we were having a boy, so it was pretty surprising but we are soooooooo excited!! 

She was really cooperative during the ultra sound and they had no problem figuring out the gender. She was moving around like crazy and rolling all over the place- I felt really bad for the student that had to take a turn doing the ultra sound (you get lots of students working on you at a university hospital and you feel like, as a medical student's wife, it's your duty to let them work on you even though they don't know what they're doing. lovely.) where was i? oh yeah, baby girl wouldn't hold still and it was really entertaining. She is a lively one! and kicks me ALL DAY LONG. i love it. Maybe it's all that zumba! but it's crazy that i can feel her so much at only 20 weeks. Makes me wonder what it will be like when she's bigger!

Right after the ultra sound we went to baby gap and got her a little pink outfit. I love baby clothes so much! and I'm so happy that we know the gender now so we can visualize everything and start planning!

Here i am at 20 weeks. Gettin bigger! (gotta love all these bathroom selfies. classy)


  1. Keep taking the weekly pictures even if you don't post them here. I just made a scrapbook page of all of mine from my first baby and it's fun to see the change that takes place.


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