Thursday, November 21

random week of iphone pics

Last week my friend melanie had a little craft party to make christmas trees. Just look at that spread! She really is the best and if you ever want some diy inspiration, check out her blog.
oh and I tried my first macaroon at this party. i'm in love! 

My mom sent me the cutest package with adorable baby girl things in it! I'm so excited!

and can we just talk about how adorable this little outfit and headband is??? i'm OBSESSED! Basically i just like to look online at cute baby clothes and wish i could purchase all of them!

whenever devin wears a shirt with a hood he always tucks it behind his ears. super hilarious and strange so i made sure to get a pic.

I've been decorating for christmas and it has been the best! At first it took me a few days to get into it because the weather has been in the 60's and sunny, but now i'm totally loving every second and listening to christmas music all day long! This really is the best time of the year!
The garland in the picture is a kit from target and you are given all of the materials and put it together. love it!

another christmas decoration: a glitter reindeer. Tutorial found here. And let's just say this:
glitter is messy.

This belly of mine really popped this week (21 weeks)! Gee whiz. Starting to look more and more pregnant! But still able to run and do zumba :) and i'm feeling awesome!

feeling awesome.... besides the fact that i fell yesterday. Ha!
It was the saddest experience ever. It was night time and I got out of my car to go into the family's house that i used to nanny for and i totally tripped on the curb and slammed into the cement (2 feet to the left and i would've fallen on grass.) I cut up my wrist and elbow and knee and foot and was bleeding and all of the stuff in my purse went flying everywhere. wow. not graceful at all. i can't even remember the last time I have fallen like that...maybe when i was 7 years old? maybe never?

I knocked on the door and was like "this is so embarrassing but can i have a paper towel and some bandaids?"

i came home later and got bandaged up better and ate some oreos and i'm feeling lots better now.

My friend keeps finding random baby girl clothes at her house for me that still have the tags on and have never been worn and all of them are ADORABLE!! I love baby clothes so much.

Yesterday I was playing outside with my two little friends who i love and it was sooooo warm and didn't feel like november at all!

isn't he cute? hands in his pockets. he was stressed about the construction workers next door.

and this guy. he's like a little parrot and repeats anything you say (well, up to 2 syllables)

and this is today! I'm in heaven!! I've been wanting snow for so long and it finally feels like christmas!
Best day ever!

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