Tuesday, December 17

another afternoon with ash

Yesterday I drove up to Longmont (about 45 minutes north) to meet Ash and Olivia for lunch!

When I googled "things to do in Longmont" a place called the Cheese Importers kept popping up. So we decided to try it out and loved it! It's a french cafe/bakery + a french store + a cheese store. It was so much fun to look around the shop while I waited for Ash who was lost for 45 minutes. Poor thing.

Lunch was AMAZING.

Of course I had a macaroon for dessert and they served it on the cutest little plate.

and i had THE most amazing panini ever! Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil on Ciabatta. TO DIE FOR!

and Olivia slept through lunch. and all of the people ooh-ing and ahh-ing at her!

Isn't it a cool cafe? Very unique.

Part of the store.  I found some cute christmas gifts.

After lunch we walked down main street to see the shops and such. It's a cute little town.

And then we had some time to kill because most of the shops are closed on Monday. (must be a small town thing.) So we got our nails done! Olivia loves salons. and asian ladies. She was all smiles and giggling and laughing the whole time.

It was so fun having Ash, Brad, and Olivia around! Thanks for coming out you guys!

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