Tuesday, December 10

med school gala

Friday night we went to the Med School Christmas Gala at the Denver Art Museum.
It was pretty fun, but my favorite part was getting dressed up! (even if my dress is fitting a little funny these days)

The first hour we got to walk around the art museum.

But apparently we didn't get the memo that you shouldn't walk around the art museum and that you should start drinking and eating all of the food instead.
So by time we went to the Gala, this was the only food left. And everyone was pretty smashed. 

But all in all... it was really fun to meet all of the people that Devin is with every single day! I forget that he has all of these friends that he's with all of the time and who i've never met. He was like the popular guy at the party. When we walked in tons of people were yelling, "Devin! Devin!" and all excited to see him and hugging him.
But i mean, come on. This guy is pretty likeable:

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