Monday, December 9


Thanksgiving was fantastic! We spent Tuesday night through Sunday afternoon in Utah. This year's holidays are spent with Devin's family. It was totally fun, but also a little hard for me because a lot of my relatives were in town and i hate missing out on family things. But I really can't complain.

Wednesday we went to lunch with my family + my cousins/aunt and uncle!
It was so fun. Look at these 2 cute grandpas!

group shot.

We also got to spend a couple of hours catching up with my high school besties, Stefi and Lisa, and their husbands. It was really fun to see them!

Thursday morning I went to go running with my dad, but we decided to go on a walk instead with Ash and baby Olivia. Super fun! and I think i'm getting the hang of pushing a stroller :)

Aren't they the cutest??  All ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was spent eating in Midway at the hotel Zermatt. Devin's aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents also joined us.

Post thanksgiving dinner. I just love this boy!

Devin and I had our first Black Friday shopping experience. We went to Cabellas at 4:30 am on friday morning and watched thousands of people lined up outside. It was crazy!! We waited in the car for 30 minutes until everyone was inside and then we made our way in. It was totally crazy!

After that we went over to the outlets and got a few baby outfits. The deals were pretty awesome! But we didn't really need anything besides baby stuff. Honestly the best part was going to home depot for an allen wrench (random item we needed) and getting a free donut!

After that, we met up with my family at Mimi's cafe for some breakfast!
Photo bombed!

Friday night we went with Devin's family to stay at the Grand America for a couple of nights! It was really fun and so christmasy with all of the decorations! We loved it.

Friday night we also went to eat at the roof! One of my favorite restaurants ever! and it was so pretty (and packed) because it was the lighting of the christmas lights at temple square.

This is my candid shot I tried to get to show how amazing our view was from our table. Little blurry but you get the idea...

And here is my 23 week bump! Baby girl is growing like a weed!

Saturday we went shopping and to breakfast and played Hallie's awesome game that she made: Pin the gobbler on the turkey with thanksgiving trivia questions. Pretty entertaining.

And sunday was baby Olivia's blessing! What a doll! I love her so much. 

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  1. So fun! Olivia looks like a doll! Cant wait to see yours! ;)


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