Wednesday, December 11

ugly sweater christmas party

I'm pretty sure we have the GREATEST friends EVER here in Denver. 
so we decided to throw a little christmas party! an ugly sweater christmas party to be exact.

Here's the line up! (we'll forgive those who didn't actually wear an ugly sweater)

I had to put up a close up of my ugly sweater- i just loved it so much. Those gorgeous tea pots and coffee mugs and the flattering shape of the sweater. Nothing better.

These were some of my favorites. Cassie and Scotty borrowed these sweaters from her grandma but didn't have the heart to tell her it was for an ugly sweater party.

The babies loved playing with the prizes for the ugly sweaters. Bubbles! and little airplanes!

And Daphne is just adorable when she marches around singing "We wish you a merry christmas".

We had hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. Why did I not take a picture of the table?? Just take my word for it- it was pretty amazing ;)

Here's Beck helping me make hot cocoa. He definitely won most adorable sweater.

Here are the cinnamon rolls! I made 4 different recipes in the last 2 weeks just to find the perfect roll.
And I am kind of burned out and never want to eat one again. (okay that's not totally true.)
But this recipe is to die for!! It's so good and they were a big hit at the party. So if you are looking for a good cinnamon roll, don't take the time to make 4 different recipes. Just take my word for it!
and i also made: Chocolate Peppermint Chex Mix (which was also a huge hit and wonderful as a snack to eat during church.. just sayin)

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