Sunday, December 15

weekend with sister!

This weekend Ash, Brad, and Olivia came to visit us! Brad has an interview in Fort Collins tomorrow and so they drove out friday night and hung out with us on Saturday. It was really fun! I love showing people around our city!

For breakfast we went to Denver Biscuit Company. Their cinnamon rolls are the best I've ever had! and their french toast is also amazing! You really can't go wrong at that place.

We went back to our house to feed Olivia and hang out for a sec. 
Olivia really loves me...i promise.

See? A non crying picture!

Brad was sick and slept all day. And Devin studied for most of the day.
So I took Ash and Olivia to the Candy Cane Festival at the Hammond Candy Factory.

It was kind of a bust. There were tons of long lines for things rides...factory tours... and we didn't want to spend a ton of time in line. So we walked around and then left shortly after. but it was still fun!

Olivia really enjoyed it. She loves candy factories.

I decided to redeem myself by taking Ash and Olivia to a different part of town: the highlands. It's a really cool area with a gorgeous view of downtown and the most amazing ice ream: Little Man Ice Cream. 

We had the salted oreo and hot chocolate ice cream. Delish!
And look how pretty. you can see downtown on the left and Little Man on the right. Love this area!

After that, we went on a nice walk over the bridges that connect the Highlands to downtown. It goes over a river and through some parks and such. It's really pretty.

This is on top of one of the bridges. 

Later on we picked up Devin and went to dinner at Steuben's, one of our favorite restaurants. Everyone was mesmerized by the baby--like they've never seen one before. Definitely different from Utah where there are billions of kids everywhere. 

More snuggle time with livie!

Such a fun weekend and I'm so happy that Ash and Brad finally came to visit!!! Crossing our fingers that they move to Fort Collins!

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