Thursday, January 30

sister missionaries love salads

Tuesday night the sister missionaries  came for dinner. As usual, I made them Asian chicken salad. Because they LOVE IT! 
this is a tried and true theory: sister missionaries love salads.
Each set of missionaries that I've fed salad to has told me how grateful they are to finally eat just a salad. (they get served lots of pasta and heavy/filling meals,  because families go all out when they're feeding the missionaries. but can you imagine having that every night? I would blow up like a balloon!!) 

So anyway. They were grateful.

salad+izzes+french bread

and I tried to corrupt them by making "better than sex cake". 
and then i made a giant crater in it by dropping a salt shaker. clumsy old me.

After dinner, we went to the Pinewood Derby for the scouts because Devin was in charge.

It was surprisingly fun and quite intense! And the best part was that one of my piano students won the whole thing! He was on cloud nine and I watched him turn to his parents in the middle of it after winning a few rounds and say, "I haven't stopped smiling this whole time." It was the cutest thing ever.

Devin did a great job of running the whole thing. Doesn't he look happy and like it's his favorite thing in the world to be cub scout master? 

yay for scouts!

Monday, January 27

sunday pancakes

Hello 31 weeks! Baby girl is 3.3 pounds and growing like a weed!

Yesterday we made apple pancakes for lunch! mmmmmm.... delicious!!! I am eternally grateful to my friend, Autumn, for introducing me to her amazing recipe. The syrup is to die for!

Devin was one happy camper! Nothing better than pancakes after church!

Sunday, January 26

saturday is a special day

We had a typical saturday... Devin studied and had a meeting for scouts. I ran errands (and everyone that i came across was in THE WORST MOOD. ugh.)

Our friends invited us to eat at the Cherry Cricket! So our saturday wasn't a total bust.
 It's always a good time with Carrie and Grant- especially when burgers and bars are involved! (just kiddin about the bar thing)

They are the best sports and let me take multiple pictures of them until I figured out a good setting to have the camera on. Sometimes I forget that taking billions of pictures everywhere you go is not the norm and some people aren't really into it... But thanks guys! I'm pretty sure this is a good picture. I mean, at least they're in focus right?

This is the burger place with all of the crazy toppings you can order. I ordered a normal burger this time, but Devin ordered his with peanut butter, jam, and cream cheese. so delicious!

We had a fun night and lots of laughs as usual. Carrie and I have decide to start a book club! (i'm writing it here to hold my self accountable for doing it.) 
I've always wanted to start one! and I read so many dang books that it would be fun to discuss. Does that make me old? 

Wednesday, January 22

lunch at masterpiece

 Every weekend should be a three day weekend.

On monday we went and had lunch at a place called Masterpiece Delicatessen. We saw it a few weeks ago when we we were exploring the city and I made a mental note to go back and eat there. 

Devin had a breakfast sandwich and I had the turkey sandwich. Both were to die for!! and the flavors were incredible! This is definitely a new place we're going to take all visitors to. Anyone want to come out to Denver?

 we walked around the neighborhood a little bit. Devin answered a phone call and was around the corner while I was busy taking some pictures and a random man asked if he could take my picture (with his camera). Uhhhh sure... I didn't know what to say because I didn't have a reason not to besides that it was awkward. So I said yes and smiled and then he was on his way. Hopefully my face doesn't end up on some sketch website. 

Tuesday, January 21

things I'm loving.

 1. The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl!!!

2. We have been having weather in the 60's for weeks now and it is heavenly! I was sad at the beginning of winter because I love snow storms so much, but the warm weather is definitely starting to grow on me.

3. The nursery. That butterfly mobile is the prettiest thing in the world! and I absolutely love that elephant :)

4. This bump. I love it. Even though I sometimes feel gigantic and like my ribs are crunched and that I'm ready to hold my baby already- it's still really fun to be pregnant.

5. This guy. For putting up with me taking a billion pictures of him with my new camera.

Love him.

6. The book i'm currently reading: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. 

7. Clementines. Still eating 4 a day.

8. A three day weekend and not leaving my bed yesterday until 10:30 am.

9. Dr. Pepper.

10. Getting the very first parking spot at the grocery store today :)

Sunday, January 19

weekend with my parents!

My parents came to visit us this weekend! Of course we had soooo much fun shopping... eating... the usual.

Friday morning I took my parents to Jelly for breakfast. They have the most delicious donut bites and poor devin had to miss out and go to class that day. 
After that we shopped for baby stuff!!! I feel completely prepared now and can't wait for this baby to come! (sneak peek of the nursery at the end of this post).

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Panera!

I love my mom.

And I love my dad. Poor guy had some stomach pain and had to visit the ER last night. Not the greatest thing to do on your vacation. But he was a trooper and shopped and shopped all weekend long and helped with the nursery, even though he felt crummy. What a guy! 

My cute mom at Target during one of our many trips there! I just love the bright colors! 

My mom and I started putting together a shelf organizer that involved screws, nails, and wood glue. Poor devin had to take it apart and redo the entire thing because I put it together wrong. Sometimes I drive him crazy. 

Ta da!!
A sneak peek at the nursery. I'm sooooo in love with it! It's like heaven and so peaceful! I think our little angel baby is going to absolutely love it. Thanks mom and dad for the help and the fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, January 15

29 weeks and some tangents and a birthday!

29 weeks! 

I feel like next week (week 30) is such a big mile stone! I've been in the 20's FOREVER and i'm ready for baby girl to be here :)
p.s. i taught myself how to do a fishtail braid. so much easier than i thought it would be!

-Isn't it funny how some days you feel gigantic and other days you feel really cute? 
It's the weirdest thing. Luckily I get some endorphins from working out everyday and it helps to boost my self esteem!

- I've started to feel like I just want to wear sweats or pajamas ALL of the time. It's a real challenge not to give into it. 
But boy, as soon as piano lessons are over and we make dinner, into my pajamas i go!

thought i'd show you a real life picture:

and here's the bump at the gym yesterday :) I ran 1 mile. biked for 10 minutes. and ran 1 more mile. running is getting HARD (only because of the round ligament pain that i have been having) and SLOW. I set the treadmill to 4.9. It's almost like walking fast with a little extra pep in your step ;)

-Last night I made roasted brussels sprouts (delicious by the way) as one of the sides for our dinner. You should've seen devin's face when he walked in the room. Saddest look ever! But I convinced him to have HALF of one. And that was a huge accomplishment even though he absolutely hated it!! 
But hey! I made it up to him by making his own little bowl of sweet potatoes with extra sugar and marshmallows in it. I thought that was nice!  (oh and the chicken and bread is not pictured.... we didn't just have vegetables for dinner...even though i would be fine with that.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Hope it's the best birthday yet! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!

Tuesday, January 14

saturday walk

Denver has been in the 50's for the last few weeks and it has been so beautiful and sunny!

We took advantage of it and went on one of my favorite walks from the Highlands to 16th street mall downtown. There are 3 bridges you cross and it goes through some really cool areas. Lots of hipsters and such.

We stopped at Little Man Ice Cream, of course. I got chocolate and vanilla and Devin got a mexican chocolate milk shake. So delish!

As we were walking we spotted this:

Coolest bike ever right? Devin started taking pictures and the guy must have seen Devin's excitement because he rode on over, jumped off, and said "hop on". The bike was sooooo tall. There's a little peg on the back, but Paul basically helped Devin get up there. He asked me if I wanted to try and I turned down the offer. Is it sad that the first thing that popped into my head was, "i'll for sure tweak my hips or pull a muscle or something." I must be getting old...or just really pregnant.

We continued our walk downtown and saw lots of Broncos signs for the big game and a bunch of fans walking around! So much excitement and we love it! 

There was a Pepsi vending machine giving out free Pepsi, so of course we got in line to get our free drink (not knowing that one person in line was about to win tickets to the SUPER BOWL!). About 5 people after us, music started playing and all of these dancers came out from the machine! The guy had won- and he had no idea what was going on!!! ahhhh we were so jealous and couldn't believe we were just 5 people before! Can you imagine winning tickets to the game (and flight/hotel and everything else)? So cool and we were totally jealous of that guy!

And then we watched people falling down at the outdoor ice skating rink. 

We love our city so much and love exploring! 

Thursday, January 9

2013 recap!

2013 was really good to us! We had a lot of fun and it was really hard to choose a few pictures to do a recap of the year! Here we go!


We went to our first broncos game!!

and we went to vegas for a max convention.

and to LA to surprise Devin's dad for his birthday!

My two besties came to visit Denver!


My parents came to visit and I love them for that. They got in the car and drove out as soon as they heard I was miscarrying :(  March was a hard month.

We went to Panama.

and then sailed all the way to Bermuda! (probably one of the best trips ever and the best timing to cheer me up)

Went to San Diego for Jordan's homecoming!

Went to Texas for a Kickstart Event!


Surprised our moms for mother's day!

Went on our first backpacking trip!

Went to Portland for cousin Alexis' wedding!

so fun being with family. We love Portland!

At aunt mindy's house!


Went to Hallie's elementary school graduation!

Went to Sean's high school graduation!

Ran my second half marathon!

moved to a new place!

Went to Cabo!


Mini vail vacation!

went to LA and went to the tonight show with jay leno!!

had my first balboa bar- it was a big deal :)

Went to Star Valley with our friends! and had the craziest rafting experience of our lives!

Parents came to visit denver!

Another mini vail vacay! we love that place

Devin's white coat ceremony and start of medical school!

All of our families came to support! (and I was about 8 weeks pregnant and soooooooooo sick)

Our seaner-doo had his farewell and left to serve a mission in Dallas, Texas.

Olivia Claire White was born!!

Visited Bob in LA


Finally met olivia!!

Little visit to Grand Junction to see devin's grandpa!

Thanksgiving in Utah

Awesome christmas party with our denver friends!

Ash, Brad, and Olivia came to visit!

And we're excited for what's to come in 2014!!!