Thursday, January 9

2013 recap!

2013 was really good to us! We had a lot of fun and it was really hard to choose a few pictures to do a recap of the year! Here we go!


We went to our first broncos game!!

and we went to vegas for a max convention.

and to LA to surprise Devin's dad for his birthday!

My two besties came to visit Denver!


My parents came to visit and I love them for that. They got in the car and drove out as soon as they heard I was miscarrying :(  March was a hard month.

We went to Panama.

and then sailed all the way to Bermuda! (probably one of the best trips ever and the best timing to cheer me up)

Went to San Diego for Jordan's homecoming!

Went to Texas for a Kickstart Event!


Surprised our moms for mother's day!

Went on our first backpacking trip!

Went to Portland for cousin Alexis' wedding!

so fun being with family. We love Portland!

At aunt mindy's house!


Went to Hallie's elementary school graduation!

Went to Sean's high school graduation!

Ran my second half marathon!

moved to a new place!

Went to Cabo!


Mini vail vacation!

went to LA and went to the tonight show with jay leno!!

had my first balboa bar- it was a big deal :)

Went to Star Valley with our friends! and had the craziest rafting experience of our lives!

Parents came to visit denver!

Another mini vail vacay! we love that place

Devin's white coat ceremony and start of medical school!

All of our families came to support! (and I was about 8 weeks pregnant and soooooooooo sick)

Our seaner-doo had his farewell and left to serve a mission in Dallas, Texas.

Olivia Claire White was born!!

Visited Bob in LA


Finally met olivia!!

Little visit to Grand Junction to see devin's grandpa!

Thanksgiving in Utah

Awesome christmas party with our denver friends!

Ash, Brad, and Olivia came to visit!

And we're excited for what's to come in 2014!!!

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